Characters involved: Rose/Scorpius Romance, the extended Weasley Family and Malfoy family, and any OC characters of your choosing to fill out the cast
Mood of plot bunny: Angsty/Shakespearean(sp?)
Plot line: A Potter-verse take on Romeo and Juliet.
Other details: I think the plot line speaks for itself. I feel I should add that my first love of literature was stoked by Shakespeare's plays. I think it would be a really good marrying of genres with these two... that is if no one has already done it for that ship!

Edit: When I first posted this I couldn't think of the term for this 'idea,' however I've got it now. This is a parody of Romeo and Juliet. Also, thanks to jediprankster I now know the semi quote that I have as my topic is incorrect. It should be "wherfore art thou... Scorpius?" Just thought I would through that in there.