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Thread: Phoenix or Owl?

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    Phoenix or Owl?

    So I'm writing a fic in which Dumbledore sends his brother a letter. He has been estranged from his brother for nearly fifty years, since the death of Ariana. The year is 1948, if that makes a difference. Do you think he would send Fawkes to deliver the message, bursting into flames in the middle of the room with the scroll? Or do you think he would send a school owl, tapping on the window?

    I would really appreciate some input on this as I'm currently stuck due to it! **grrr** Writer's block over something so simple! **hits self in head with palm of hand**


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    I think it'd be an owl.

    Fawkes is Dumbledore's both pet and friend, but he's an important creature that does important things - like saving Harry, aiding the destruction of Basilisks and getting Dumbledore out of extremely tight situations.
    Which is not to say that Aberforth isn't important, but it's the letter that would matter in this case - not the mode of that letter's delivery.

    Besides, I don't think Aberforth would appreciate such a grandiose gesture as a phoenix delivery - remember, he resented his brother's honours, awards and achievements just a little bit..

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    That's what I thought too, Willow. I just couldn't write it down though without the agreement of someone else.

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