So you guys know, I changed this passage something like 500 times and I'm still not too sure about it.

Everyone within earshot cringed. Harry watched the collision and told Sirius to find Mrs. Weasley. Sirius refused and had Hermione try to heal him instead.

“Realizing, Remus asked, “Sirius, why are we using *that* set?”

Ron rubbed his head and interrupted, “Let’s just finish this and you two can explain later.”

Agreeing, Ginny continued her pursuit of the Quaffle. George had been watching from below and offered to help but Tonks replied sweetly, “Nah. Ron and I can handle this on our own, thanks. Right?”

Ron nodded in agreement when he noticed two things – the Bludger and an unoccupied goal.
*100, once again*
*twitching with ten minutes left and nary a Slyth to be found*

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