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While I agree that Tottenham Court Road is fairly well known, so even a non-Londoner would know it, I think it would make sense for Hermoine to live there abouts. It seems more likely she would think of a place she was familar with, and also people seem to prefer to apparate to places they already know, Harry, for example, isn't sure whether his apparation to Shell Cottage would work.
Well, either way, there's a rather big chance that Hermione has been to Tottenham Court Road on several occasions even if she isn't from London, was all I meant.

As for the stuff about accents, I suppose I spoke out of turn and am not familliar anough with them to really do so. It's just that Yorkshire is so very distinct even to non-Brits, I just couldn't see it, and I've heard people from Midlands speak, and I thought it could be vaguely like her... No matter. I'll shut up next time.

All this said, of course, if one has her comming from a moderately large city she wouldn't necessarily speak with a very broad accent at all, no matter where she's from. City people generally have less dialect and accent and speak more "normal"; I think this goes for all countries.