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Thread: Ages of the Dumbledore Children

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    Ages of the Dumbledore Children

    Hey people! Just asking for a little help here. How old would Aberforth and Ariana if Albus was still in his seventh year? And had Kendra Dumbledore already died at that stage?


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    The facts from DH:

    ~Kendra Dumbledore died when Ariana was fourteen. (Chapter28: The Missing Mirror)

    ~Aberforth arrived at Hogwarts when Albus was in 3rd year. (Chapter 2: In Memoriam)

    ~When Ariana had one of her rages when she was fourteen and ultimately caused the death of Kendra, Aberforth was in school.


    Ariana: 14
    Aberforth: 15
    Albus: 17 --seventh year/after graduating, was planning on travelling with Elphias

    ~Joanna *is suspecting incinsistencies in the book details* (What about that picture where Albus and Aberforth were boys with Prince Edward haircuts while Ariana is only a baby?)

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    Thanks Joanna! It seems I misplaced my copy of DH. Not to hard to believe when you see the state of my room at the moment. *coughmessycough* *scrambles to clean it up*


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    Thought I'd mention that Albus turned 18 the summer Ariana died. As for the photograph, is Ariana was still a baby, that could mean she was about a year old. That would have made Aberforth three and Albus five. That qualifies as boys as far as I'm concerned...

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    Thanks a lot MaiaMadness for the extra info. The age of Albus when Ariana died will help me with another Dumbledore story I'm planning but this story takes place at least a year before Ariana dies when Albus is still in his seventh year.Thanks you guys for the help!


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