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Thread: Musical Thoughts Challenge Round Robin

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    The Marauding Cupcake
    Couldn't resist...

    Ginny chewed her fingernails worriedly. She had thought it rotten luck to run into Draco Malfoy, of all people, today. The knowing sneer he sent her across Madame Malkin’s before meeting up with his wife assured her it was rotten luck.

    Ginny laid down the robes on the bench next to a box and, in need of a distraction, opened it curiously.

    I'll keep you my dirty little secret
    (Dirty little secret)
    Don't tell anyone or you'll be just another regret
    (Just another regret, hope that you can keep it)
    My dirty little secret

    Ginny glanced longing down at the beautifully white wedding dress.

    "What have I done?"
    Word Count: 108
    Artist/Song: The All-American Rejects/Dirty Little Secret


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    somewhere close.....real close
    I'm on fire!!

    Her eyes stayed glued to the clock. She had waited patiently for him to come, but she felt as if she were losing her mind from all the waiting.

    “Why am I worried?” Ginny said as she flung herself onto the sofa. “We’ve been through so much. This should make no difference.”

    But her insides nagged. As she looked at the clock, she noticed a box sitting at her table.

    When she opened it…

    None of them got what it takes, to be a future baby mama.
    Got to bend in the wind but don't break, to keep your man.
    Show me one of them and I'll make her mine with no more drama.

    “I’m home!” Harry’s voice echoed from the kitchen. “You left a message telling me to come home quick.”

    Future baby mama....

    She looked startled when she saw to him. When she looked back, the box disappeared.
    Song: Future Baby Mama by Prince!!
    Word Count: 150

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    I can't remember when you weren't there
    When I didn't care for anyone but you
    I swear we've been through everything there is
    Can't imagine anything we've missed
    Can't imagine anything the two of us can't do

    Through the years, you've never let me down
    You turned my life around, the sweetest days I've found
    I've found with you ... Through the years
    I've never been afraid, I've loved the life we've made

    Molly wiped the tears from her face and set the box down. She had just returned from St. Mungos, where she had said goodbye to Arthur for the last time. A wistful smile crossed her aged face as she thought about how nice it was that the music box had appeared, with a song that summed up her life with Arthur, just when she needed it. She turned to open it again, but it was gone.
    Here is one for Molly, it is Kenny Rogers, Through the Years.

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    Remus felt a body collide with his, and to his astonishment Tonks stood there, crying, wrapping her arms around him tighter than she ever had.

    “I can’t Remus, I can’t stay away,” she sobbed, and her eyes were brighter than stars, her need bigger than the moon. “Don’t tell me to go. Don’t you dare tell me to go!”

    “Tonks, it’s dangerous, I-” He was cut off by the sound of voices coming down the hall. His eyes met hers and they were the entire world.

    “Will you run with me?”

    …Will you run with me?

    And I’ll stay with you
    The walls will fall before we do
    So take my hand now
    We’ll run forever
    I can feel the storm inside you
    I’ll stay with you

    The song seemed to be coming from nowhere, or everything. It was oddly appropriate as they ran together, one last time.
    The song is Stay with You by the GooGooDolls. I adore them.

    And I’d like to say how great this challenge is!

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    A very good idea; I only wish we were allowed a larger word count. It's very hard to put in both the song lyrics and the actual story without going over the limit. I had to cut down 100 words.

    Luna held the lily tenderly. Even in the dark she saw its pureness, its perfection, its innocence. She wondered why she had never really appreciated the joy, the beauty, the light that was freedom. She wondered whether her father was thinking of her. She wondered, quite calmly, whether she was about to die. She wondered what it would feel like.

    She wondered what that curious object that had just appeared beside her was... it seemed vaguely familiar. Had she seen it before? She had, she decided. Long ago when she was contemplating lost things. In a sense, wasn’t that what she was doing now?

    A voice emanated from the box, beautiful and uplifting in the dark.

    “When you’re in your darkest hour
    And all of the light just fades away,
    When you're like a single flower
    Whose colours have turned to shades of grey
    Well hang on and be strong.”
    I don't own the song lyrics; Delta Goodrem does. The song is Be Strong.

    Inspiration for my fic came from the amazing Angela_Prongs. Visit her poem, A Lily in Death, here.

    (Avvie and banner by me, quote from Fancy, by John Keats)

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    red haired mom
    Another one,

    Word Count: 150
    Song and Artist: 'Far Away' by Nickelback

    Harry turned around in the hallway, looking for the source of the music.

    Seeing a box on the floor, he walked toward it. As he reached it, the music faded away, and the box disappeared.

    Thinking of Ginny, he decided, “I have been Far Away for far too long.”

    Knowing he only had one shot at getting her back, Harry took off at a run to the Great Hall. The lyrics to the song tumbling in his head and when he reached her, out of his mouth.

    This time, This place.
    Misused, Mistakes.
    Too long, Too late
    Who was I to make you wait
    Just one chance
    Just one breath
    Just in case there’s just one left
    ‘Cause you know,
    you know, you know

    That I love you
    I have loved you all along
    And I miss you
    Been far away for far too long

    “I love you too, Harry”

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    She ran down the garden, enjoying the feel of the cool breeze against her delicate skin. Her laugh rippled through the air as she touched the flowers and hugged the trees. She took in a deep breath and rejoiced in the freshness of the day. The magnificent sun bestowed all its warmth on the little figure.

    Your dance is like the circles on the stream
    Your voice is like the dew on grass
    You are pure and pristine and calm and happy
    But as time flows on, my dear,
    You'll find these glorious days will soon pass away

    Ariana looked around just in time to see a gleaming box vanish into the air.
    Lyrics by ... umm... me??
    I might complete the song someday *ponders*

    113 words. Short.

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    The Marauding Cupcake
    A shout out to mrsmcclnt...

    Lavender loitered around the Gryffindor locker rooms after practice, waiting for her boyfriend. Boyfriend... Ron Weasley , the Quidditch hero, was her boyfriend! She’d thought surely he fancied Hermione, but it was her he chose.

    She sighed contentedly and noticed a box sitting outside the entrance to the locker room. Maybe it was some equipment left out. It would only be right to return it, she thought, and perhaps sneak a peek at Ron! Or maybe it was from Ron; after all today was their three week anniversary!

    The box opened upon her lifting it and a spunky tune belted out.

    U don't have 2 be rich
    2 be my girl
    U don't have 2 be cool
    2 rule my world
    Ain't no particular sign I'm more compatible with
    I just want your extra time and your


    “Oh, Won-Won!” She squealed as a perplexed Ron stepped through the door.
    Word Count: 150!
    Artist/Song: (The Fabulous!) Prince/Kiss


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    red haired mom
    For some reason I've been stuck on Nickelback, but here's another one.

    Remus wanted nothing more than to have all his friends back with him. However, he had to content himself with the photo album.

    … I had the photo album spread out on my bedroom floor
    It’s hard to say
    It’s time to say it
    Goodbye, goodbye
    Every memory of walking out the front door
    I found the photo of the friend I was looking for…

    Look at this photograph
    Every time I do it makes me laugh
    Every time I do it makes me

    With the mysterious box disappearing, he realized looking at all his old photos actually did make him feel better. He had given some to Hagrid for Harry, so now he only had the ones with the Marauders in their glory days. The fun they had breaking as many school rules as they could.

    Happily looking through his memories, he thought, “This is better than a Pensieve.”
    Word Count: 150
    Song/Artist 'Photograph' by Nickelback

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    Word Count: 146
    Song: Frank Sinatra - My Way
    Isn't it just such a Dumbledore song?

    Harry was safe and his plan was working out – well, not brilliantly, but working out. But he was about to die and though he always said he wasn’t afraid of it, he didn’t quite want to let go.

    There were still things to be done and things to experience… did he really want this life to end?

    Suddenly, there was a music box and a tune came out of it – unheard and unseen by anyone but him.

    I've loved, I've laughed and cried
    I've had my fill, my share of losing
    And now, as tears subside, I find it all so amusing
    To think I did all that
    And may I say, not in a shy way,
    "Oh, no, oh, no, not me, I did it my way"

    My way indeed, he thought.

    “Severus… Please…”

    A flash of blazing green light.

    I did it my way.
    That's a great idea for a chellenge!

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