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    Professor Sprout

    I was wondering if we know how long Professor Sprout has been teaching at Hogwarts? It doesn't say how long, or even how old she is, on the Lexicon. Anyway, my main question is, would she have been at Hogwarts in The Marauders' seventh year? And what types of things do you think the N.E.W.T. level Herbology students would be learning that year?

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    Well her hair is grey in the books so I think that she would be a good few years older than the Marauders. Unless she went grey prematurely. The Lexicon says her birthday is May 15th but not the year.

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    When there's no definite facts in the Lexicon, it's always safe to have free rein, supported by valid hypotheseses.

    Professor McGonagall sure was there during the Marauders' time, so it's safe to think Professor Sprout was, too. In fact, all three of the Heads of Houses had been there since the Marauder Era: it's only Professor Slughorn who retired and was replaced by Professor Snape.

    Also, as Pomona seems such a jolly person spending as much as time as she can out of doors among plants, premature aging doesn't click.

    And Herbology NEWTS: my idea is that they progressed to studying more and more dangerous and very magical plants. Maybe Devil's Snare and even Whomping Willows for seventh years?


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    I had them studying the Devil's Snare! Also, Venemous Tentacula? It was a fourth year topic for Harry, but I figured that they weren't as advanced in the 70's so they could have been more dangerous

    As for the professor bit, I agree with you, LucillaJoanna. She seems very comfortable and it's only you know, twenty years later But I just kept her as the Herbology professor, it's more believable to me. When professors are original, it's a bit hard to take the classes seriously.

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    I think Sprout must be the Herbology professor in the marauder era. Neville was the herbology professor some 18 years after DH, so even if he started teaching in James' first year (though i think it should be earlier), sprout would have taught for 18 years after DH, harry's 7 years and some 20 years before that (i am not sure about the dates), it would come around to some 45 years which i think is ok looking at McGonnagal who had been teaching for 39 years in OOTP and wasn't thinking of retiring soon. So if we assume that Sprout had been teaching for some 20 years before Harry's first year, she could be around45-50 depending on when she started teaching. Also, as people tend to live longer in the wizarding world, it would be ok if she retires at the age of 65. I mean look at Dumbledore, he was 150 years old and still the headmaster, though we can assume he was a rare case. so, yeah, sprout has to be herbology teacher during the Marauder era.

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