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Thread: Muggle-born children and their parents

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    Muggle-born children and their parents

    So I'm writing a new fic and on the prologue I wanted to include a muggle-born's first experience on Diagon Alley. I included one of the teachers showing the muggle-born around, but then got to a halt: I'd included the parents. Can the parents, being muggles, get in the Leaky Cauldron with their kid and see Diagon Alley too?

    I remember Hermione (Granger) saying, in one of the books, that her parents had traded English pounds for Galleons over at Gringotts, but I'm still not sure. I mean, would the teacher have to do some sort of...spell...for the parents to be able to see it?

    Help is greatly appreciated


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    Maybe I'm wrong, but I fairly sure hermione's parents came with her at least once. As for whether a spell was needed I have no idea, but that makes sense to me.

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    In CoS, the Weasleys meet the Grangers at Gringotts, so yes, Muggle parents can get into Diagon Alley.

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    Yes, I went to the Lexicon just a few minutes ago and checked that, but my real question now is: Muggles can't see the Leaky Cauldron, so how do they get in? Do they do it like, let's say, in Kings Cross station? They go through a wall when, in reality, wizards are going through a door?

    Thank you for the replies, though


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    I think that it's not that the muggles can't see it, there's just a spell so that they don't really notice it. I think that Hermione could lead her parents into the pub, and they'd be able to see it, but as they were walking towards it they wouldn't really notice it was there.


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    Yeah, I think that they'd have to be taken into it by a magical person, otherwise they would simply not notice it. Then, once inside, they'd be fine and be able to see everything. It's like Grimmauld Place, you can't see it but once you're inside, it's like it really is there on the street. Hope this helps you!


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    Well, all that makes sense Thank you for the replies, guys! *goes off to edit story*

    It's really a pity that it's not in a Muggle's P.O.V. (my fic), though, because I'd love to incorporate their thoughts and views about it instead of a witch's thoughts.

    Thank you!


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    In one of my fics I made a point out of having my OC's mother not notice the Leaky Cauldron at all, before her daughter pulled her all the way over to the door. I also had her be able to get onto Platform Nine & Three-Quarters by help of her daughter pulling her through.

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    I just had a thought. There could be other ways for Muggles to get into the Leaky Cauldron.

    Maybe they have to be accompanied by a witch or wizard. Because surely, at some point, a Muggle would have seen the Leaky Cauldron if the case was that it had to be pointed out. (Maybe not, though. Just an idea.) But under no circumstances can Muggles be able to see the pub. They'd wander in and wonder and it's possible that they could wander back out, memory unmodified. That can't happen. So, maybe they do have to be accompanied by a wizard?

    Just an idea. Good luck with your story!

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    The thing is, there are Muggle repelling charms on it, most likely. A Muggle would never want to go inside on their own accord. So in a way you could say they have to be accompanied by a witch or wizard, except it's not the magic part of it that matters. A witch or wizard would have to make them notice it first, but the Muggle wouldn't want to go inside unless someone they knew, their child in this case, told them to or brought them inside.

    That's how I see it, anyway. It's not that they can't see it without a witch or wizard present, per se, it's that they won't notice it, and even if they do, which I'm sure has happened, they won't want to go in. That's what Muggle repelling charms are for.

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