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Thread: Being British Number Seven

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    We played cops&robbers until we were about 7 or 8. After that it was kiss tag lol! The boys ran around the playground tagging girls and if they caught you they kissed you. So much fun! But a lot of screaming

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    I was a member of the Pokemon generation so of course we would play that - both the card game and live action.

    Oh the memories! Pokemon, gota catch em all!

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    I was wondering if any of you could suggest a really popular and famous cricketer of the late '60s or early '70s (from England's team, obviously). Actually in my story, Lily (Sr.) was crazy about this cricketer sometime before she joined Hogwarts, so some good looks wouldn't hurt. Thanks in advance!

    Merry Christmas to you all!!!

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    Geoffrey Boycott is probably the most famous I can think of to have played around that time. He was never the most exciting cricketer though. Looks I'll leave to someone else, I'm afraid I don't swing that way

    Alan Knott is another from around this time, as is Derek Underwood.

    I can probably find some others if these don't fit, let me know.

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    Geoffrey Boycott made his debut for Yorkshire in 1962, and first played for England at 1964. He last played for England in 1981 and retired in September 1986 (Dad watched him walk off the cricket field in Scarborough). Captained England four times (mum says he did so disastrously). Dad believed he was good looking and a womaniser. He was about in his late twenties to thirties at the height of his career. In the cricketing world, Mum regards him as the most famous cricketer. We used to have a cat named after Geoffrey Boycott. He used to live in Barnsley -- Barnsley rocks! If you abide by the theory that Snape was northern, and thus that Lily must have lived in the north at some point, then Boycott could be a good chocie. He was very much Yorkshire's cricketer!

    Ian Botham was slightly younger, played for Sommerset, and captained England 12 times. He was an all-rounder whilst Boycott was just a batter. Mum says he was controversial and got banned from playing for smoking cannibis, apparently. Wow, I always thought it was cricketers that had the wild lifestyle. Mum says he was 'a bit of a character whilst Boycott was outspoken'.

    Imran Kahn is the one my mum found good-looking. "Gorgous Pakistan cricketer, all-rounder" (her words, not mine) who married an British heiress and is now a political leader in Pakistan. He played for Pakistan but a lot of test matches in Britain, and played for an English county in the British season (Mum can't remember which one!)

    And now both refuse to give me information because they've found a programme they want to watch. James Blunt looks such a pansy.

    Hope this helps! PM me if you need more info on Boycott especially, because Dad is a diehard fan! He was in the cricket lovers society when I was a kid, and so we actually attended events with important cricketers there!

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    Imran Khan played for Worcestershire and Sussex in England, but both he and Botham were slightly later than the early 70's. Boycott is probably the best option, and TyrannoLaurus can probably give you plenty of information on him too!

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    Hey guys! I need some information on british boarding schools:

    What kind of uniform would be expected? Is there a set uniform for night clothes, and coats and stuff as well?

    What would be the general plan of the day?

    What are the lessons generally speaking like?


    What age would be a reasonable age for a muggle child to start?

    Is there an enterance exam?

    Anything else i shold probably know?


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    A lot of the time things depend on the particular boarding school, food, for example, would vary on the chef. I'll answer this using what I think is the typical boarding school though.

    What kind of uniform would be expected? Is there a set uniform for night clothes, and coats and stuff as well?

    Uniform would probably consist of a blazer, shirt, tie, skirt/trousers depending on the sex(girls rarely wear trousers at English private schools), tights/socks etc. I'd say they probably have they're own school scarves too. Students would probably wear their own nightware and at the weekends and holidays they'd wear their own casuals, but there would be a fixed school kit.

    What would be the general plan of the day?

    Breakfast, assembly, lesson, break, more lessons, lunch, even more lessons, sometimes tea, free time, supper, prep (homework) time, and then free time until they have to go to bed

    What are the lessons generally speaking like?

    Well, at boarding schools the male teachers are addressed as "sir", although female teachers are called Miss/Mrs whatever. I think each lesson would probably be roughly an hour long.


    Food is generally dreadful at boarding schools and even if it wasn't, everyone would moan about it anyway.

    What age would be a reasonable age for a muggle child to start?

    Eleven, generally, but there are some places where you can board from seven.

    Is there an enterance exam?

    Yes. There's generally an English paper, a Maths paper, and a Verbal Reasoning and non-Verbal Reasoning paper.

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    What would you call your boss at work? Or is Nikki being ignorant again?

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    How d'you mean? If you were talking about them to someone else, you would just say "my boss" but if you were talking to them, it might be a bit different.

    If the boss was male, you might call them "Sir" and if they were female you'd call them "ma'am". However this would only really be in a job such as Police of Firefighters, were there are obvious and strict ranks. Someone like a secretary would just call their boss by their first name or Mr/Mrs ___.


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