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Thread: Being British Number Seven

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    Evie, that's exactly what I'm talking about. So groupie is okay then? Thanks!

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    Yeah, I should think so. But, only with a young person - a teenager, from about fourteen up.


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    I have a quick question. How widely celebrated is St. Patrick's Day in Britain? Also, what do you do to celebrate it?

    ~ Teresa

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    Hey all, I'm writing a fic with a dog in it. Could any of you possibly list some popular dog breeds in Britain? My science teacher said daschunds are common, but I would like like to know a couple more breeds for reference.


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    Padfoot, some common dog breeds are:
    Yorkshire terrier
    King Charles Spanial
    Bichon Frise
    Shih Tzu
    Jack Russel
    Staffordshire Bull Terrier
    Border Collie

    If you want any more, has some more.

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    As a good friend of a girl who is qualified for crufts, I can categorically state that the most popular breed of dog in the UK is labrador or, more specifically, black labradors. Dalmations are also on the rise as well as Greyhounds as a result of a campaign to have the hundreds which are left homeless because they are too old to race, rehomed.

    Beagles are not good family pets, despite their cute appearance. If you were writing the story before 2006, there would be more, because there were some fox hunters, and they would very often keep around 200 dogs to hunt with. Thankfully, the "sport" was banned, and, although the number has gone down, they are not so vicious.

    Golden retrivers were very popular in the 90's, and, of course, you could allways go with the good old English Bull dog.


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    I has some questions about teh creepies.

    To teh best of your knowledge, please define these things: (with the Brittish folk tales and history, of course. From what I know, it differs greatly in different cultures)

    Brownies (non HP)

    I need specific help on those, but if there are any more creepies out there that are popular tales in Brittan, please, please, do tell.

    If you're curious as to why (which you're probably not, but it might help), I'm writing about a little Muggle who just found out she's a witch and all that. She's been affraid of "monsters" and teh creepie crawlies since she was little, and when she goes to Hogwarts, she finds out that they're really magical creatures. Her and her new friends start discussing the differences between the Muggle tales and Magical tales.


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    Okay, I'm needing some food help - again! What would you see on a normal British picnic?


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    watch out for the cutlery
    Can you help me with some snake species that are found in places near where Hogwarts is supposed to be (Britain), and also which of those are likely to be in places where it is wet with rain?


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    Okay, I'm needing some food help - again! What would you see on a normal British picnic?
    I love picnics! Anyway, when my family and i go, we normally take like sandwiches, normally with Tuna, or ham or something in them. Oh! Sometimes Chicken. Then soup in a flask! Though this is normally packet soup. Sometimes we just take a flask of hot water, and you can make tea or coffee or soup or whatever with it. Then a bottle of orange squash. Sausage rolls, and pastry based stuff sometimes too. Salad, generally lettuce, tomato and cucumber, but sometimes carrot too. Quiche sometimes...Oh! And something to eat for afters, like a cake, or minirolls or something like that. I think everything really varys from person to person, but i'd use that as an outline, i guess. My mother generally makes us take fruit, like apples or oranges or grapes as well. Strawberrys when they are in season!

    Hope i helped!


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