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Thread: Being British Number Seven

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    In need some information on 1965....

    Ok, so my OC is 5, and is being left at an orphanage. I need some information as to clothing style, food, hair styles (Partiularly for girls of about 5/6) and if anyone knows anything about orphanages then, that wouldbe really helpful.

    Oh, and what kind of entertainment was popular, especially for little girls? And what kinds of thngs would they be expected to know?

    Thanks in advance,


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    Ghoul in Pajamas
    I have, what I hope is, a simple question. I'm fairly certain that the phrase "I don't give a darn" is very American, so I'm looking for the British equivalent. I was thinking "I don't give a sod" but I could be so completely off, and do feel free to laugh at my expense if that makes no sense (and suggest something better ). Thanks so much for your help!


    Edit: Thanks so much for everyone's help! I'm going to use I don't give a damn

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    Well, where i live, we say "i dont give a damn" or sometimes, "I dont give"

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    "I don't give a rats ass."

    "I couldn't give a monkey's uncle." (pass as to where that came from!)

    "I couldn't care less."

    Then, there are the, er..., more colourful variations. My attempts at hiding them may take a second, highlight them to see the asterisked out strong language, dunno whether this is what you need.

    "I couldn't give a flying f***."

    "I could be closer to giving a s***."

    Concise, accurate, and hopefully concealed enough for the requirements of the board!

    EDIT: Sorry about that, didn't really know how to edit that better. If that doesn't suffice, or if someone knows how to conceal rather better, than let me know and I'll change it.

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    Remember that we don't say "ass" we spell and say it with a "r" and an "e" and only one "s".

    But I'd actually say that the most common ones are I don't give a damn and I don't give a sh*t.


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    I dont give a s***.
    I dont give a f***.
    I dont give a damn.
    I cant be arsed.

    Cant think of any others!!

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    I thought of a few more, that my friends say:

    I very nearly almost gave a damn there.
    Do i look like i care?
    Do i care?
    Am i bovvered? *does very best catherine tate impersonation*
    Whatewver it is in we dont say that, we say whatever "I dont care is" in french. i'm just too lazy to think in french...

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    So, is the word "groupie" and Americanism? If it is, is there any British equivalent that I could use?

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    Groupie is an Americanism, yes. The most common equivalent is simply 'mate' - or 'friend' if you wanted to be slightly less casual.

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    Unless you're talking about a groupie being a bunch of girls with very few morals who follow bands around and sleep with them. That is probably an American word, but the English use it and have used it since the seventies.


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