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Thread: Being British Number Seven

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    I have a question.

    Is the name Carly common in Britain? As a girl's name?



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    Yes, Carly is fine. As would Carla be. It's not really, really common - it's not like Jack, or Sam or Harry, but there are a few about.

    To put it in proportion, there are about 280 students in my year at school, and I know of about three Carly's.


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    Thanks! But what about Melena, Audryna, Gavin, and Damian? I think Melena and Damian would be common, and I know a Gavin. But then again, I'm American and hopeless at anything to do with British culture and stuff unless it's speaking in a British accent. But it probably doesn't even soud British. /rant


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    Well, I know too many Damiens - they all seem to be big, scary thug-type chavs, unfortunately, but I'm sure that's not true for them all.

    Gavin, I don't know any personally, but I do know that there are a few about - such as Charlotte Church's boyfriend.

    I have never heard of the other two names, but Audryna sounds like Audery, which is a old fashioned girls name, and it also sounds pretty magical too, so your safe with that.

    Melena... I'm a bit iffy on. It sounds a bit too much like Selena to me...


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    Ooh! I thought I'd ask some questions about names too.

    Would the names Reed, Isabelle, and Hunter work in a Marauder Era fic. I'd really like to keep the first too, but I understand if Hunter doesn't really fit. Are those names common or do they make sense?

    Thank You!


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    Hm, well other people might have a different opinion, but to me, Hunter is about as common as Rambo Isabella is quite common, i know an Isabella. I've never heard of Reed, but there's Reece. It really depends on your characters. Isabella will fit for a girl because it's a name everyone's heard of, but like i said, Hunter is the type of name you find in a film like Rambo or like a boxer or something. But it's up to you and what you're characters are like. And it also depends on whether you want a really common name or not.

    I'll stop waffling on, now

    I do love the name Isabella, though.


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    Ironic Inspiration
    Is Evangeline a good Bristish name? I am now getting nervous seeing this thread. I wanted something unique, but classy. I know it's not common over here in America. I really don;t expect it to be like the Ashley of England or anything, but do you think it fits? British wise and Potterverse wise?

    Oh, and what about Rosalind?

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    Phew okay. What are some British snack foods and treats? Like uhh the equivalent of American candy or something. Thank you.


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    Potterverse Evangeline fits fine. It's really not so common in modern times, but Wizards are behind anyways.

    For sweets there are:

    Anything Cadbury, I s'pose. Creme eggs, DoubleDeckers, Chomp, Flakey (flakey chocolate in the form of a bar, drink needed as accompaniment), Crunchie (the best ever - honeycombe and chocolate), Buttons (chocolate/white chocolate buttons), Mars Bars (nougat, whatsitcallds - MilkyWay), KitKat, Galaxy, MilkyBar (white chocolate)...

    Other stuff:

    Walker's crisps are the only kind we really ever bought. England have got the best crisps because there are so many flavours. Prawn are really good, cheese and onion are my favourite. There are more common ones, like salt and vinegar, too. Smoky bacon, which sounds a bit bad but taste good, roast chicken...I can't think of them all off the top of my head, but they're mostly good. You'd probably be able to research it.

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    Don'tget the other weird and wacky flavours - like Baked Beans, BBQ, Mint and Lamb, and, of course, the good ol' Ready Salted, which my Grandma always gets for me, even though I find them boring. **shrug**

    It's worth noting that the term "candy" is not used in England, it is sweets. Fries are known as chips, and potatoe chips are known as crisps.

    Yes, Evangaline is absolutely fine - I always have teachers asking me if my name is short for Evangaline, to which I reply:

    No of course it isn't, if it was, it would say that on the register, wouldn't it?


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