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Thread: Being British Number Seven

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    Er, sorry to interrupt the wonderful discussion of testing, but I have a splediferous question about greetings!

    *be prepared to gawk at stupidity*

    Do Brits use the word 'Hey' at all?

    *feels stupid*



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    Yes, yes we do!


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    The younger generation do, certainly. I do think it's something that comes from American TV shows, even though it's been a common phrase in England for a while. The older generation are much likely to say Hello/Good Morning/Good Evening.

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    Heh, okay thanks. I kind of feel silly when I continually have my characters saying "Hello!" back and forth to each other... seems a bit, er, cheesy. And this is a Next Generation fic, so that's perfect. Thanks, guys!

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    Well if you feel repetitive then you could always have younger people "Alright" or "A'right". This tends to be said more often with teenage boys.


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    Hey guys!

    Do you brits use "What's up"?

    ~ Samarie

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    I don't think they do. I have a british friend, and I don't think he ever did. His greetings were always like 'All right?' or 'How are you?'
    No 'what's ups.'

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    I've heard what's up, but it's way, way, way more common to say a'right, with extended i. Catherine Tate makes fun of it all the time.

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    Well. In the late 90s ( or early 2000s) there was an advert in which people were on the phone and were going 'WAZZZZZZZZZZZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP' (all with their tounge sticking out and really wide mouthed and drawn out) and for AGES people would go round saying that.

    But generally what's up would not be used as a greeting.

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    Three questions:

    1. Do Brits drink chocolate milk a lot? I know in America, you can choose between white or chocolate milk in the cafeteria.

    2. Do the British ever use the phrase "Santa Claus?" Because I know they at least used to say Father Christmas, but I don't know what it's like today, and Santa's a main character in the story I'm writing right now. Let's just say Volders has to take over for him.

    3. Would any British person be honoured about being compared to Napolean (seeing as he was a major enemy of the British...) Because in my story, these kids are on a mission, and this one guy is really taking charge, just a natural-born leader, and a girl says to him:

    "Wow, you really remind me of Napolean."
    "Really? Thanks!"
    "Short, angry bloke with a dangerously high opinion of himself."

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