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Thread: Being British Number Seven

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    Being British Number Seven

    It's that time again, folks!

    Here's a brand spanking new thread to continue your questions/discussions about all things British: customs, school, food, work, etc.

    Again, a very important reminder that we have quite a healthy number of users who join us from the UK and Ireland on these boards, and we've seen plenty of enthusiasm to help from many of them. Therefore, please could ONLY Brits answer things in here.

    Make sure you're polite at all times - particularly if you're correcting/disagreeing with an answer some has posted previously. Remember we all make mistakes and deserve to be treated with respect.

    And finally, remember the time difference when posting questions - you may have a bit of a wait before someone replies to your post. Be patient!

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    So I just want to make sure of something. Is the whole "Santa Claus" myth as ingrained in children's heads as deeply as it is in America?

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    Yes, though often referred to as Father Christmas instead.

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    Ah, what sort of games would young girls would play if they're waiting for their classes to start? (ie: Lily is waiting with her friends on break in the courtyard) I'm thinking more towards clapping games, or stuff like hopscotch, but I don't know these things, so if there are any games along those lines, and if someone could tell me how to play them, that'd be excellent.

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    Is Lily about eleven? When I was eleven I had long grown out of clapping games and things like that.

    We did things like sit of the grass, sunbathe, snowball fight with the boys, watch the boys play football, annoy younger years (if Lily's in second year) etc. Just teenage things.

    Though I think I grew up way too quickly.

    If your fic is about Lily before Hogwarts then clapping games usually had really rude lyrics. There's also a skipping rope game and you sing

    Cinderella dressed in yella
    How many kisses is she gonna get from her fella?

    Or handstand games like you sing

    Down in the jungle where nobody goes
    There's a big fat mama washing her clothes
    With a scrub dub dub dubbadub and a scubabdub there
    thats the way she ashes her clothes
    scrub dub dub dubbadub baby
    scrub dub dub dubbadub baby
    scrub dub dub dubbadub baby
    scrub dub dub dubbadub baby
    scrub dub dub dubbadub baby
    That's the way she washes her clothes!

    When your singing "scrub dub dub dubbadub baby" you walk backwards and make wave motions with your hands and after the last "scrub dub dub dubbadub baby" you run and do a handstand

    Hope I helped

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    Ah, the universal love of Cinderella. I'll try some of it out. Thanks!

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    Hey guys!

    Do you brits use "What's up"?

    ~ Samarie

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    I don't think they do. I have a british friend, and I don't think he ever did. His greetings were always like 'All right?' or 'How are you?'
    No 'what's ups.'

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    I've heard what's up, but it's way, way, way more common to say a'right, with extended i. Catherine Tate makes fun of it all the time.

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    Well. In the late 90s ( or early 2000s) there was an advert in which people were on the phone and were going 'WAZZZZZZZZZZZUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUP' (all with their tounge sticking out and really wide mouthed and drawn out) and for AGES people would go round saying that.

    But generally what's up would not be used as a greeting.

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