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Thread: Wizard Alcoholic Drinks?

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    Wizard Alcoholic Drinks?

    Do the wizard alcoholic beverages like firewhisky differ from their counterparts in any known way, is it only a taste differance between them or possibly a magical psychoactive (an odd idea). Basically im just wondering if they are magical in any way... I'm not sure if it's specified in the books and any help would be helpful.

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    Well I've always imagined that firewhiskey would maybe burn your insides a little? Or your throat. So maybe there's a charm added or a special ingredient that makes the whiskey really fiery. But I'm just guessing.


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    Well, it's never been mentioned anywhere that there is magic added to Firewhiskey, but I agree with Weasley24. There could be an ingredient or something that makes it feel like fire when it's going down. Whiskey burns enough, and to add 'Fire' to the beginning must imply that there is a difference in the smoothness of the drink. I think it's basically up to you to decide what you want to add, or if you want to add anything at all to the drinks, because Jo hasn't described the ingredients to them ever.

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    Weasley24 and Mistletoe are right, it probably would leave a burning sensation down your throat. It is called Firewiskey after all. Plus, strong alcoholic drinks tend to not be so pleasant down the hatch (that might just be me though >.>...). It tends to leave a burning sensation down your throat and not a really lovely aftertaste.

    Then again, that just might be me...

    But in any case, I think it's safe to assume that Firewiskey would have a strong taste. If the drink has a large percentage of alcohol in it, make sure your character acts like it does.

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    I've always pictured Firewhiskey as being harsher, and (this is a little odd) having non-burning flamse dancing on top of it. I dunno, the image just always popped into my head. As for the other stuff, most of it seems like it's normal but fairly old-fashioned alcohol, like mulled mead, wine, etc., with maybe some newer drinks. I know there's a chapter in PoA, can't remember which exactly, where McGonagall, Flitwick, Hagrid, and Fudge all get drinks from Rosmerta. Maybe that will give you a few more ideas. That, and the chapter in HBP where Ron gets poisoned, I think it's called The Worst Birthday. Those might give you some ideas.

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    Firewhisky smokes and the impression is given that it is exothermic (or, at least *I* got that impression).

    I had the idea that it was a combination of pepper vodka, cinnamon schnapps, and whisky, plus magic.

    I don't think there's a psychoactive in Firewhisky or Gillywater or Butterbeer; I'm not even entirely sure the latter two are alcoholic. But I think it's preposterous to assume that NO Wizard drinks are psychoactive, as the *Muggle* drink Absinthe contains Wormwood, and anyone who's sat through Snape's opening Potions speech is familiar with that. Jägermeister is a well-known Muggle drink flavoured with herbs; it's not so unusual to believe that Wizards, already renowned for their knowledge of the medicinal uses of plants, would do otherwise.

    Yeah, we only know of those three drinks in addition to mead/wine/beer, but the books *are* aimed at a younger audience, so I think you have some room to play with this.

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    I've actually often imagined wizards to drink Absinthe... The real stuff is mostly illegal in the Muggle world, these days anyway. I was (un)lucky enough to get a taste of some real Absinthe when I was on a class trip to Prague once. I was dizzy for the rest of the week, and that was just one sip out of someone else's glass. I used to have this plot bunny where the main character was to distill Absinthe in the Room of Requirement.

    I agree with what mostly everyone else has said; you do have a lot of freedome here. If you're not happy with the alcohol that exists in the books already, you can even make up something new.

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    Thanks alot for the help everyone, i've got what I needed. Mods feel free to lock and grave

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