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Thread: Luna Lovegood

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    I have something I have been wondering about Luna lately. We know that Luna had her twins later in life, but when would she have gotten married to Rolf? What do you think would be a reasonable age?

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    I think you could chose any age that works for you, but I think she'd marry young. I see her as touring the world after Hogwarts, meeting Rolf, and marrying young. Early 20's I would think as she believes so strongly in love. A girl so wrapped up in love and friendship would get married early I would think
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    Didn't JK imply that it took longer for her to meet her future husband than a lot of the other Trio era kids? I feel like I read that in an interview somewhere.

    So, maybe they met when they were in their 30s and had kids when she was in her late 30s?

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    I guess technically, it could be any age. But I agree with Aida, I think Luna would end up marrying later in life.

    She hasn't really shown a prominent romantic interest in anyone in the books. I don't think she was particularly attracted to any of her school peers--even her relationship with Dean she seemed to keep platonic (sadly ). I think that's why the Trio married younger, because they were in love with their teenage sweethearts.

    Luna was a girl who had a lot of things she wanted to do, and she didn't really need a man in her life. She wouldn't marry someone unless she was completely in love with them, and they utterly supported her. With her traveling the world, she didn't have much time for dating.

    Later in life, I can see her falling in love and really wanting to have children (I think all women in their mid-thirties go through that). I think she'd marry Rolf around then.

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    Quote Originally Posted by AidaLuthien
    Didn't JK imply that it took longer for her to meet her future husband than a lot of the other Trio era kids? I feel like I read that in an interview somewhere.

    So, maybe they met when they were in their 30s and had kids when she was in her late 30s?
    Yes, I heard that too, I think Luna married much later than the Trio.

    I've always hoped for Neville and Luna to marry. Why is that? I think they are perfect for each other, but I'll never understand why JKR made Luna marry Rolf and Neville marry Hannah.

    Luna does seem like the kind of girl to marry later in life. She didn't love anyone she knew from Hogwarts, so she would've taken longer to find a husband.

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    JKR said in the TV programme after DH came out (where she discusses the Weasley family tree), that Luna married Rolf Scamander 'later in life' and her children were younger.

    I think Luna is an independent individual and as such she's not going to feel a great need to get married. She's been a loner during Hogwarts, but does value the few friends she has.

    I can't really see Neville and Luna together, because I do think she's too weird for him. Neville gets embarrassed quite easily ... and don't you think he'd be a bit dull for her. Hannah Abbot is the girl who messes up her O.W.L. (I think it's Transfiguration or Charms) and I can see him feeling quite protective of her.


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    What happens to Luna's wand after she gets taken off the train? Do you think she gave it to Ginny or Neville to hold on to? Did the Death Eaters just take it?

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    I'm not positive, I but think it was confiscated. She tells Dean at Shell Cottage that Mr. Ollivander is making her a new one, and he is a little jealous, if I remember correctly. I assume she was without her wand from the time of her kidnapping until she got that new one.

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    I think the Death Eaters would have taken Luna's wand - as Lori said, Ollivander makes her a new one, implying that hers was taken.

    I had a question, though. Do you think Luna could have been a prefect for her year?
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    I don't think so. Even the teachers might see her as a bit different from the other students.
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