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Do you think Luna would have have the desire to have more children (even if it was later in life), or would she be content simply being a mother to her boys, Lorcan and Lysander?
I think she'd be open to the idea of more children, though she wouldn't necessarily want a Weasley-sized horde.

Also, how do think the boys would have been effected having Luna for a mother? Do think they spent a lot of time with the Weasleys? What would you believe Molly Weasley's (a more tradition mother) would think of Luna's likely ecsentric parenting style?
According to JKR, Luna travels the world with her husband, Rolf Scamander, looking for Crumple-Horned Snorkacks and other magical beings. I think that as soon as the boys are old enough (which for her, might mean before they're even out of diapers...), she'd be taking them with her. They'd get to see fantastic beasts, travel all over the world, and live adventurous lives most wizarding children could only dream of. On the downside, I think that and Luna's own social ineptitude would give them not a lot of experience at relating to other kids, so when (if) they wind up going to Hogwarts, they might find that like their mother, they are regarded as "odd" and have trouble making friends.

They'd probably visit the Weasleys now and then, but I don't think they'd really be growing up with them.

Molly would probably not pass judgment on Luna, but inwardly she'd be wincing about "those poor boys."