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Thread: Luna Lovegood

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    Personally, I don't really like Neville/Luna. No offense It just seems like they are often thrown together because they are outsiders, but other than that, I really don't think that they have that much in common.

    I mean, if you look at the scenes where Neville and Luna are together in the 5th and 6th books, Neville almost seems to be intimidated by Luna because of her "weirdness". Neville proves himself to be brave, but in the 5th and 6th books he is slightly more insecure when surrounded by his peers. And while he feels comfortable with Harry, he seems to weirded out by Luna.

    IF Nevilla and Luna were to be together, it should happen over the course of the 7th book after fighting together and rebelling against Snape and the Carrows. I think that id there were to be a romance during that time, it should start because they were spending so much time together, and because they eventually grew to admire each other's braveness, and they possibly got to know each other better.

    But I don't know, something about this pairing in a serious relationship is just so off for me. I guess I'm just weird like that
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    I agree with Gemma. Luna and Neville don't really have that much in common. I think they were just friends, personally.

    I think Luna would have to be in a relationship with someone as "weird" as she is, although I agree with Lola's comment that she wouldn't want attatched to someone all the time, because she spends quite a lot of time on her own.

    Just my two cents worth!


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    Okay, so if someone smelled Amortentia and it was smells to make them think of Luna, what would those smells be?

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    Okay, so if someone smelled Amortentia and it was smells to make them think of Luna, what would those smells be?
    OK, definitely something natural, outdoorsy and a little offbeat; perhaps the smell of rain on stone? You know, when stone's been sitting out in the sun all day and then there's a light shower and it just lets off that particular fresh smell? Ooh, or what about an earthy scent mixed with lemon? I think the smell of Luna in Amortentia would be really unique and different, a fresh, tangy, pure scent.


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    Neville/Luna isn't canon because when Jo first heard about it she was horrified by it. She said that Neville would be uneasy by Luna's irregularities or some such. It was only later that she said after she thought about it she could "see" it.

    But I think there's more to Luna and to Neville than being outsiders and loyal. They're both intelligent and they are both very hard working, and they both believed very strongly in the defeat of the Dark Lord. They're also both generally NICE people (Neville would *NEVER* be cruel, intentionally or otherwise, to Luna the way Harry & Ron and many others have been.) Further, although Neville's parents are still technically alive he doesn't really know *them*, and Luna's mother is dead. They both live somewhat in the shadow of their parents (Xenophilius is fairly famous even if everyone thinks he's nuts and unreliable, and of course Neville's parents were some of the original martyrs to the Order's cause). They're also both Purebloods so they have a similar cultural upbringing.

    I can see the pairing working. I have seen it work, and whne it's done right it's a very refreshing and sedate relationship. Not that they don't have any excitement in their lives, but because they are gentle and kind and considerate of one another and work together.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Jade Potter
    Okay, so if someone smelled Amortentia and it was smells to make them think of Luna, what would those smells be?
    Newspaper maybe? I agree with Phia Phoenix about the outdoorsy smell. I remember in the Order of the Phoenix movie (yes, I know it's not quite canon), she was outside in her bare feet feeding the Thestrals. Maybe raw meat. (My, isn't that romantic?)

    He might smell fresh air, Earth (fancy word for soil), or sunflowers. This is really hard, because I don't really correspond people with smells. Hopefully this post was helpful, anyhow.

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    Luna is the main character of the fic I'm writing at the moment, which is having major characterization problems. My betas have called Luna too mundane, and normal. It's hard though, because Luna is supposed to be a bit depressed during it, seeing as it's right after her mother died. I don't know how I can edit it to make Luna seem her usual eccentric self, and yet still be depressed. Help pleease?

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    Well, that would depend on how she acts in your story. Even depressed, Luna wouldn't act like everybody else. Like, for flowers on her mother's grave, she would probably pick something different than someone else would pick. (Maybe even turnips or something more out of the ordinary?)

    Also, she probably wouldn't mourn in the normal way. In OOTP, she said that even though she missed her mother, she knew she would see her again.

    So, Luna wouldn't be as cheerful, but she would still remain a bit odd, just like always, only a bit sadder.

    Hope this helped!

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    Sunflowers. She would put sunflowers on the grave.

    I think she might keep most to herself. She would find comfort in her father, just like other people would find comfort in their own family.

    This is really difficult without knowing how you're writing Luna. I might be able to help more if I could read your story.


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    I'm currently writing a story about the time around Luna's mother's death. I took three things into account when writing a grieving Luna:

    1) At the time of her mother's death, Luna is eight years old. Although eight year olds are at that stage where they understand a lot of things about life and death, they may still be confused about why they are never going to see their loved one again. They would understand that their loved one was dead, but there would be questions about what exactly happened to them. Questions would be whirling around an eight-year-old's head. Where did they go? Are they happy? What exactly is death? Why can't they just come back? Even for adults these questions remain unanswered. A child would just be even more confused and desperate for answers.

    2) Luna is well... Luna. She sees things on a different level. She deals with situations differently. As others have said, Luna is confident that she will see her mother again. But you have to remember that she is only an eight year old. Would the eight-year-old Luna believe that she would see her mother again? Even if she did, wouldn't there still be a huge amount of grief because she wouldn't be able to see her mother straight away.

    3) Grief. Every person deals with grief in different ways. Some may lock themselves away from everyone, others might self-destruct, others may just try and get on with their lives, and others are consumed with the idea of getting their loved ones back. The list is endless.

    I can see Luna being confused about where her mother has gone, but also understanding that her mum is on an exciting adventure. Luna, like anyone, would be grieving, but I think it would be a grief that she could control. It wouldn't overcome her life. Luna would know that her mother would want her to keep going on with her life. I can't see Luna locking herself away from others because she is a kind-hearted person and locking herself away would cause more pain on her dad. I also can't really see Luna trying to bring her mother back because, like others have said, Luna knows that she will see her mother again.

    That's about it. These three points worked for me and I got the first couple of my chapters got validated successfully. I hope they help you as well!


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