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Thread: Luna Lovegood

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    Luna Lovegood is a very difficult character to portray. She's easily one of my favorites in Harry Potter, but she is a complex person.

    Luna is not self-conscious in the slightest. She is rather independent in her beliefs and her thoughts. Luna has never cared about people's opinions of her. Nonetheless, she's always been a bit of an outsider. She was ecstatic to have Harry, Ron, Hermione, Ginny and Neville as her friends, as we see in DH in her bedroom. Her nickname, too. 'Loony Luna'. She also has possessions taken from her throughout the course of the year, as we learn in OOTP.

    No one can deny that she is not intelligent, though. She might of been a little like Hermione (pre-Ron and Harry friendship), involved in reading and the like, before the DA. Even though she knows about things other wizards and witches doubt are real, she knows a lot. Luna is pretty insightful too. She's also rather curious. That might be a trigger for how she knows so much, do you know what I mean?

    Luna isnt afraid to speak her mind. She'll tell you what she thinks, straight-out. She's a pretty pleasant person overall. She's very optimistic and strong-willed, one could say, because she doesn't let anyone sway her opinions on things like Crumped-Horned Snorkacks and Nargles. She's also vert close with her father and happy with him, although she must miss her mother. She still keeps a picture of her and her mother on her bedside table.

    Now for your questions.

    How would she act in a relationship and how would she react to romance advances?
    I'd think she'd act like it was a friendship, mainly. She wouldn't be the kind of person to know at any lengths to please her boyfriend or be flirtatious and such. She'd be kind of calm about it. She wouldn't worry about romantic advances because she wouldn't go loopy about a relationship.

    What would her 'type' be?
    She'd probably like someone intelligent. They'd have to be open-minded to her beliefs and thoughts, for sure. They'd also have to be a good friend to her. Those are just my thoughts though.

    Hope I helped!

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    In regards with a romance including Luna, I would think it would be more like a strong friendship then anything else. Maybe there will be a few intimate moments, but it would involve friendship, loyalty and understanding more then anything.

    I don't see Luna 'tying herself down' to anyone. She would like to spend a lot of time alone. She also doesn't seem to care what anyone else thinks; she loves herself for who she is and nothing anyone else says will change that.

    Compassion is another trait evident in Luna, she -in her own way- helps Harry after Sirius' death and she reminds Harry that they are still fighting, that there is still hope in the end of DH.

    In many ways she is a lot like Dumbledore; very observant and wise. She can also seem like she is barely there, not paying attention, when really, she is. Her mind is constantly whirring, just maybe not in the way you think.

    She is also very observant. I love re-reading the chapters of the books that she's in because after you know what happens, you can see that Luna sort of gives vague hints to what is going to happen, very vague hints mind you.

    Luna is a very misunderstood character. If you actually got to know her she would probably be a VERY helpful ally; you wouldn't want to oppose her.

    Luna overall is a very interesting character to write. She has multiple layers that are just waiting to be delved into and unraveled.


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    How would she act in a relationship and how would she react to romance advances?

    In a relationship, I believe that she'd be pretty open, and very friendly, but she wouldn't exactly act "romantic." It's just not in her nature. She's more of a contemplative person, who can be somewhat playful at times, but is more of a serious person. She's shown through her portraits--the ones in her room, mentioned in DH--that she's a very caring person, whom friendship means a lot to. I think that a more serious relationship, to her, would be more like a deeper friendship. As for how she would react to romantic advances, she would probably be slightly unnerved and out of her "comfort zone." She might not even care one way or the other.

    What would her 'type' be?
    Her type would be someone who was loyal, kind, and above all, willing to accept things that most people wouldn't. She wouldn't get along very well with someone who insulted The Quibbler or Nargles. She wouldn't get on with someone who was rude about her friends, either. Her type would be slightly quiet, open and a little bit out there, like her, but at the same time, strong, clever and brave.

    Hope I helped.

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    Does anyone think Luna could ever fall in love with a Slytherin-say if he was tutoring her?
    And she really got to know him?
    And of course if he liked her-but she probably wouldn't see it.

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    I think if it is realistic she could. With Luna it would be a unusual courtship. Really, despite the houses, everyone is their own person. However, I think it would be unlikely that she would be tutored. Despite Luna's imagination, she is still a person who is extremely smart and would not let herself get in so deep that she would need to be tutored. If she was the one tutoring, it would be more plausable, she could help someone while finding a friend and the Slytherin, who I assume is an OC, gives you more flexability as well.

    Good luck!

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    Oh thanks!
    Turoring him...yes much, much better!
    But the Slytherin is Blaise Zabini-I mean everyone shows a better side to Draco-why not Blaise?

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    And why not Blaise? Blaise/Luna is often a "side" pairing in Draco/Ginny fics.

    Actually, something I've been thinking about: In DH, JKR gives a lot of hints to a Dean/Luna relationship.

    What do you guys think? Could Dean and Luna be in a stable relationship/friendship? Do you think that Luna knows that Dean thinks of her as a little... looney?

    I'm contemplating writing a D/L
    You'll love it.

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    I think a Dean/Luna relationship could work. They seem to get along well enough and Dean looks out for Luna in the end of DH. Their relationship would be based on friendship, I believe. Even more than any other Luna/?? pairings. I don't know, I kind of like the Dean/Luna pair. Although we didn't see much of it, it was sweet and it seemed strong.


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    ms. leading
    Could Dean and Luna be in a stable relationship/friendship?
    I'm a Dean/Luna shipper myself, and I definately think they could form a relationship. It might not last forever, though. I've written this pairing before, but had it end badly for them.

    Do you think that Luna knows that Dean thinks of her as a little... looney?
    Dean would have found Luna a little bit strange at school, everyone did. But I think he could learn to look past his first impressions of Luna, and see her as the interesting an loveable person that she is.

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    Luna actually married the grandson of author Newt Scammander, of Fantastic Beasts and where to find them. I can't really seem to find any fanfics about how they met or how they got together, but I think she wouldn't have settled for the first boy she met.

    I think a Dean/Luna relationship would eventually frazzle out, because they don't really have much in common and I think she would eventually just annoy him.

    Neville/Luna. Why isn't that canon? They were perfect. JKR even mentions them going to Dumbledore's funeral together, and they obviously have lots in common- both outsiders, both loyal. It's just perfect.

    Anyway, I think that Luna is such a free-spirit, she wouldn't want to be in someone's arms all the time. I can't imagine her fawning over someone. She was drawn to Neville because he was unhappy. I think that she would be with someone like that and eventually romance would come from it.

    Just my opinion

    Lola x

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