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Thread: Luna Lovegood

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    Luna Lovegood

    Luna, for me is one of the most confusing characters to write, her canon diolouge waxes and wanes from somewere between unpredictability and complete philosophical truth. when I try and write her I often feel that her off topic comments should sometimes be without much basis, and sometimes be deep and insightful. I have alot of trouble seeing how she would act in a relationship, or even how she would react to romantic advances. What kind of people could be her "type"? I have some ideas, opinions?

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    Amanda Vega
    Luna is my favorite character in the whole series [:

    I think the thing with Luna is that she will speak whatever is on her mind, regardless of whether or not it actually has some value to the conversation. She is, however, both intelligent and wise (two very different things!), which is evident by the fact that she was sorted into Ravenclaw. With her, you have to keep in mind that she will say very random things (like she is gicing a running commentary of her thought processes) but that many of those things are also quite wise. It's hard to find a medium - for me it comes a bit more naturally, but she's hard to write regardless.

    Luna in a relationship is hard to imagine! I don't think she would be in a classic romantic relationship - canon example: H/G - but more like a very close friendship that would eventually be a bit more romantic. Any guy for Luna would have to be atleast somewhat open-minded, be able to put up with her xD, aand I suppose that he would also be very smart - I think that Luna would be much more appreciated with someone else who understood her lttle bits of philosophy.

    Luna is a very diverse character, however, and there are many 'correct' ways to write her, since she is so malleable.

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    Luna's comments always make perfect sense - to her.

    I think she may be the type of person, who hear something, formulate a great structured theory based on what they heard or relating to it, then when they voice their theory's final step, it sounds completely and utterly disconnected and off-topic, because all preceding connections and calculations were done in their head.
    It's just like when you are asked to "show your work" in maths - otherwise no one knows where it all came from.

    Her way of thinking sets her apart from other characters (although opinions have been voiced musing that Dumbledore would understand her perfectly) and just people in general - she's even weirder than her father.

    how would she act if she had a crush on someone:
    Think her treatment of our ickle Ronnie in OotP (I'm pretty sure she had a crush on him) - laughing longer than the situation warrants, expressing extra interest in her crush's thoughts. All in all, I think she'd be a little awkward.

    how she would react to romantic advances:
    I think, for the most part, she'll act similarly to the way she acted when people were friendly with her - positively, with amazement.
    She was never showered with love and approval by peers, thus someone expressing romantic interest in her would be a big change of pace.
    I don't think she'd be so hardened to assume that someone is pulling a mickey rather than actually liking her, because of her reaction to Harry's invitation to Sluggy's Christmas party.

    how she would act in a relationship:
    She's a very dedicated and loyal friend and I think same qualities would carry over to relationships as well. Although I could see her being a little distant.

    What kind of people could be her "type"?
    Ron, I guess, is the only person we've seen her crush on so far..
    But considering she married Rolf - someone who shares her interests, perhaps?

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    Thanks alot for the help, I often notice that in many fics Luna is left out in places I would expect Jo to put her, and when authors do try to use her she is often slightly OOC. I usually assume that it's because many people don't come as close as they should to understanding her. I've noticed many people admiring her for the wrong reasons thinking she's weird for the sake of weird, but she often makes much more sense than many of the other characters who pretend they aren't lost.

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    I think

    I think she's an honest person, but a lot of the time, you aren't able to see that because of how smart she is. It's like she hides the truth in a puzzle you have to figure out. If she had a crush on someone, I'm sure she'd be pretty forward about it. I don't think she would go up to the boy and blurt out she feelings like an idiot, but I believe that she would hint at her feelings, not subtely, but confusingly enough that the boy would take a while to understand her.
    I can definatly see how she can be hard to write about, but if you think about how random, though highly intellectual her thoughts are, it should become easier. She's like everyone's personal, quirky, philosopher. She speaks her mind, but is clever enough, and has such odd but wonderful speech, it can never sound rude.

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    Phoebe Gruzelieur

    Luna's brilliant, but she can be confusing!

    I'm writing a little fic where Luna falls in love with Harry. Does it seem IC for her to invite him to fish for some fictional magical creature, instead of actually telling him she loves him, or inviting him out on a date?

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    I think it would be IC for her to invite him to help her look for the creature. Luna doesn't strike me as the type to just out and tell someone she loved them. She would do it in a much more subtle, unique way, like the fish way.


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    Luna has always come across as a character with a great deal of pride. She is unabashedley herself and I think that it might be easier for her to be more forthright with her emotions. She is willing to do and say things that others find embarressing all the time. She announced her support of Harry immediately in OotP adn constantly tell people about her theories. She also is willing to do so for the more emotional things as well. Remember her conversation with Harry at the end of OotP about death. I tend to think of Luna kind of like a character who thinks before she says, but has an accurate meter when it comes to the important things.
    As for how she would tell someone that she is in love, I can see her kind of fumbling it and embaressing both of them a bit the first time that she does it. She keeps her emotions more on the surface. I agree that maybe she might have had a little crush on Ron on the train with the insane laughing and carrying the bags. She kind of did what other girls would do, but in a more exagerrated way.

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    I have always seen Luna and Nevile together. They are both a little strange and awkward and I think that they would get on very well. I think that a relationship wouldn't change Luna at all, she would still be just as random.

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    Sometimes there is a lot of nonsense when there is a problem in a relationship, but Luna would be very blunt and straightforward about the problem.

    She would never give the cold shoulder, or talk to someone through someone else, or even write them a note to work things out. She would talk to the person face-to-face and very openly and honestly.

    Her relationship could even be a foil to Ron and Hermione's long-time almost-relationship.

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