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Thread: Christmas Holidays

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    Christmas Holidays

    Can anyone tell me when the Hogwarts students get out for the Christmas? I didn't see it in the Mugglenet Encyclopedia, so does anyone know? Thanks in advance for any help I get!


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    I think it's a couple days before chrismas,no more then a week, but I'm not very sure.
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    The HP Lexicon has some pretty comprehensive calendars (click here) of Harry's years at Hogwarts. Looking at them it seems that in general, the train departs on the Monday before Christmas, but it's not really all that consistent throughout the years.

    I think you could have them leaving anywhere from two days to one week before Christmas day. If your fic is set during one of the years when Harry's at school, check the Lexicon's timelines for the date, if not, then pick your date just 2 to 7 days before Christmas.

    Term seems to start again in the first week of January, by the way - again, check the Lexicon's calendars for the exact dates

    Hope I helped!

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