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Thread: Sustaining an Injury

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    Sustaining an Injury

    In my new story I am working on Hermione injures her knee/leg in a fall while chasing Draco. She and her parents are in hiding at the OTP headquarters. I need the injury to so bad that Mrs. Weasley cannot heal her. The basis for this is that she tells her parents that if Molly can't fix it she promises to let them take her to the Muggle Hospital.

    This is the injury I am thinking about - which will lead to her leg in a brace and on crutches for some time.

    Knee Dislocation

    A knee dislocation occurs when the bones that form your knee are out of place. The bones of your calf (the tibia and fibula) get moved compared to the bone of your thigh (femur). The bones of your knee are held together by strong bands of tissue, called ligaments. For a knee dislocation to happen, these bands have to tear.If the knee is dislocated, it will look deformed. The usual straight line of your leg will be crooked.
    Specifically, there will be a large amount of pain in the knee. Sometimes, there will be no feeling below the knee. If the knee relocates, on it's own it will become swollen. You may not be able to feel a pulse (your heartbeat) in your foot.
    Dislocation of the knee requires urgent treatment to avoid permanent damage to the nerves and blood vessels.
    The doctor will try to manipulate the knee joint back into its correct position. This is done more easily soon after injury. If there has been a delay in getting medical attention, the doctor may give you anesthesia before moving your knee back in place because of pain and muscle spasms.
    In some cases emergency surgery is necessary. The doctor will perform surgery under these conditions:
    You have no pulse at the ankle.
    The artery at the back of the knee joint is injured.
    The bones cannot be moved back into correct position.
    The skin is cut and the bone is exposed.
    This is going to be a very serious injury but what I need to know, is this something that Molly might be able to fix with simple magic or would it need a mediwitch? In my story Hermione's parents want to take her to the hospital immediately but nobody wants them to leave the protection of the Order so Molly attempts to heal it herself. Hermione promises her parents that if Molly can't fix it then she will go with them sooooooo, do you think Molly could fix this?

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    I don't think so. I think that Molly is able to help with minor injuries, but for anything more then a sprained ankle, she'll probably need a hospital, and the injury you are describing is a lot more serious.
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    Raising a brood will drive a responsible mother to know first-aid, but dislocations are beyond first-aid, Kristy. And if a you're determined to have Hermione in a brace, well, you should really go with the bones sticking out thing. Magic will make it all better in time, and they can probably add a Healing charm afterward to what the Muggle doctors will do.

    How are you planning to deal with the injury? That they go to the Muggle hospital or that Molly heals it but shoddily so Hermione becomes dependent on a leg brace after?

    Hope I helped! I get so few chances to answer here. I'm always too late.


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    When Molly cannot fix it (which she tries to do a few hours after the injury) and can't Hermione's parents take her to the closest hospital. They will put her knee back in place - after surgery - which results in the brace that will come off in time. The reason for the injury is so that there is a plausible reason for Hermione to stay behind while Ron and Harry go looking for the Horcruxes. Her parents are afraid for her and since she is injured they use it as an excuse to guilt her into staying behind. The other Order members then ask her to be in charge of Draco who is now a "prisoner of war" at the Headquarters. They use the excuse that he already knows she is there and if he ever escapes he won't be able to rat them out. I needed to use an injury that would be hard for Molly to fix but having 7 kids I figured she might be able to do just about anything.

    Here is the story link.Don't Tell!

    Thanks for any and all help I get.

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    (which she tries to do a few hours after the injury...
    They can't wait hours. The pain must be excruciating. And Hermione must know something about injuries,too. Of course she will have researched that prior to the Horcrux hunt. She will know that a knee injury is always urgent. You can't stand or walk without knees!

    So there, I guess you're fixed, Kristy. I really can't see Mrs Weasley being versed in mediwizardry that much for her to be able to heal a dislocated knee. Episkey seems simple enough, though. And if it could put a nose back in place... That was a real nasty kick from Malfoy after all... Perhaps, you can have Mrs Weasley heal it, if you like, but knees being the biggest, and most important (!) joints in the body next to the hip, it will still take some time to recover compeletely, will definitely need rest and non-use.

    It's really up to you, in my opinion. Grimmauld Place is in London, there should be enough hospitals near for it not to be too much bother and threat to security to transport Hermione there. BUT where is this new Headquarters? If the Burrow, no hospitals near, I think.

    And if Tonks knows Episkey, how much more does Mad-Eye know? Where are the other Aurors then? But you'll get all these details covered.

    So, to sum it up, you can either have Molly heal it, or the hospital heal it: either way, your plot is pretty plausible about Hermione staying behind. What you need is a very wince-inducing knee injury. You already have that? You're all set.


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    She slips in a puddle of oily water while running after Malfoy. They then transport him to Headquarters (because Harry and ROn catch him right after she falls). The new headquartes is (AU) the old orphanage where Riddle grew up - this is explained more in the next chapter of my story whish is where the whole injury thing takes place. They then escort him into a room where he is questioned by Order members for a few hours - also explained in the story. As Hermione sits through the questioning her knee begins to swell and become more painfull,(I am going to try and find a spell she can use to ease the pain) when she stands that is what causes the final injury/break that sends her to the hospital - which I have decided will need surgery to repair. Thanks for all the help.

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