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Thread: Ask A Moderator ~ Lucky Number Thirteen

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    thesims - Make sure you hit "Add story" after you select your warnings. If that's not the issue, it may be a glitch. Try logging out then logging back in. If you have the option, try to change it on another computer.

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    Hello there Mods!
    I'm wondering, is it possible to change your username? (On the forums)
    I don't think it is, but just in case?

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    Marauder by Midnight
    siriusly_insane - No it is not. You can create a new one and request that your other one be deleted. But each member is only allowed one account that cannot be changed.

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    I received my Sorting Quiz results back a week ago, but for some reason I haven't been added to the Gryffindor House usergroup. Should I contact my HoH? If so, who is that?

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    Marauder by Midnight
    vampitude - Please be patient. Your Head of House will add you when she can. As for your second question, please refer to the FAQ thread. In the future check that thread and previous "Ask a Moderator" threads prior to asking a question.

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    Hello mods!

    I have a one shot centered around Dean and Parvati set in seventh year, but it mentions the trio being there and that Hermione and Ron have ... er ... been together, lets say. It isn't anything too big, but I was wondering if a A/U warning would be sufficient for that?


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    fg_weasley: Yes, you would need an AU warning on that. The trio didn't attend Hogwarts that year.

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    Hi, I was wondering why I can't post in SPEW? Do I need to join or something? Only I couldn't see anywhere to join... shame really, I wrote a drabble befor trying to post it, lol.

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    Snape's Talon
    a.h: Your posts do not appear automatically because you have not yet been Sorted. For information about joining SPEW, go here.

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    I'm having trouble getting banners onto my author page on MNFF. I've hosted it with Photobucket, used the image tages, but the image doesn't show up on the page. My author page in in my sig under "Read" if you want to see. Any ideas what I'm doing wrong?


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