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Thread: Ask A Moderator ~ Lucky Number Thirteen

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    I am not sure if this is the correct place to post this question. So, I appologise in advance if it's the wrong place.

    I submitted my first chapter a week ago but it hasn't yet been validated/rejected. Does this have to do with the issues that the hacker caused or id the queue just really slow right now?

    Just incase it is needed here is my fic info:
    Title: The Pureblood and the Mudblood
    Chapter title: Malfoy Residence
    author name: anangeliam05

    Once again I appologise if this thread should have gone some where else!

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    Please be patient. We're having some trouble with the queue, and we're trying as hard as we can to get everything sorted out. Also, please contact the moderator for that category (which I know is me) only when the story has been in the queue for more than 10 days.

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    Category Tab When Adding New Story

    I'm trying to add a new story to my account but every single time I do Romance Fics and then I do Hermione/Draco and then press select, an error message says "That category is locked. Please select a sub-category."

    Can you please help me?

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    So do the Mods recomend that we hold off on any new submission until the queue is completely, 100 % sorted out? Or can we submit as per usual?


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    Marauder by Midnight
    aastha_panit - As we have announced on our front page, we are experiencing technical difficulties. Please be patient and continue to check our news section for any updates on the matter.

    AurorGirl101 - Yes, we were in fact planning to close the queue, though it proved to be an impossible thing to do due to the hacker situation. However, seeing as how we have no way to stop incoming submissions, you are free to continue submitting your stories as long as you are aware that your story might get 'stuck' in queue.

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    My Favorite Stories/Authors

    Did the hack cause a problem with my favorite stories/authors on the forum? They are all gone. Is there a way to get them back?

    Thanks --

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    Talking OC

    I'm writing a fic about Caradoc Deerborn, who's only mentioned once in the series (part of the original OOTP, they never found his body). Since we don't have anything to go on about him from canon AT ALL, am I allowed to create an OC thread to help me flesh him out?

    Thanks for any help.


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    I wrote a fic that has Bellatrix performing the Cruciatus Curse on the Longbottoms. Since we know this causes them to go insane, should I attach a "mental disorders" warning?


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    Marauder by Midnight
    Allymareius - If you mean your favorite authors/stories from the main site and not the forums, I wasn't aware that that had happened. I apologise profusely, and I'm not sure if they'll come back when we restore our site. I would suggest that you assume that they won't be restored and simply try to gather your favorites again as best as you can.

    Stubbornly_appeared - Yes, that will be fine. In the future, if you have a question about what is allowed in a specific forum, please address that question to the moderator directly via PM.

    R_Ravenclaw - No you wouldn't need a Mental Disorders warning unless you're actually showing the Longbottoms going insane. You can assume that everyone knows that the Cruciatus Curse affects the Longbottoms mentally.

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    Tinn Tam

    I'm having a quite peculiar problem, which could also be a consequence of the hacker attack -- I apologize if it is.

    About 18 hours ago, I got the email telling me my chapter (Post-Hogwarts subcategory) had been approved by a moderator; the email even pointed out a typo found in the chapter, proving that it hadn't been sent by mistake -- the chapter had indeed been read and approved. However in my "story management" page the chapter appears as non-validated. Is it just an omission from the moderator, or another effect of the hacking?

    Thanks for your time.

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