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Thread: Ask A Moderator ~ Lucky Number Thirteen

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    Marauder by Midnight
    jenny b - If your story is mainly Sirius/OC, it should be in Other Pairing (or Marauder Era). The James/Lily romance in your story doesn't seem to play that great a factor.

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    Hello! I've got a question about co-written fics. Would it be plagiarizing if me and another author were to write a chaptered fic together, alternating chapters, but only one of us post it? Of course, the one who posts it will give imminent amounts of credit to the other's chapter.

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    No, that perfectly fine. We've had many authors do that. The other alternative is creating a joint account, which is also permissible.

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    Someone left me a review with a moving image, and I was wondering if that was allowed.

    (And if it's not, could someone please delete it for me? It's here, the third one down.)


    - Katie

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    Hello Modlies!

    *goes to search threads*

    Can you have to banners in your siggie advertising the same story? Author?


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    harrypotterfangirl21: When I look at your reviews, I don't see one with a moving image. The third review down (by wleviosa) appears normal. Let me know by PM if it's a different one and I can delete it for you.

    bertiebott12: That's fine, as long as the banners and accompanying text do not exceed the maximum size permitted by MNFF.

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    My rights have been taken away!

    Today I logged in and found, to my extreme unhappiness, that I "don't have access to" the Daily Prophet's Classified forum. This is quite irritating, since I want to both check to see if my beta thread has had any replies and I'd also like to see how the House points are going at the moment. Oh, and I also went to the BA and tried to request a banner and it came up saying I "didn't have permission" to reply to that thread; and it was a thread I've requested a banner from before, so I know that's unusual.

    All these threads I can usually see and reply to, but today they're simply not working. I'll come back and delete this if I find that tomorrow it's working again.

    Oh, and it's not an Internet fault. Every other site works perfectly, and I've been able to post in the Ravenclaw Tower and here (obviously).



    EDIT: I'm on a different computer now and it's still doing the same thing, so it's a site problem and not anything to do with the computer. Either that, or a mod has decided to restrict my privileges... Dunno why that'd have been done though...

    (Avvie and banner by me, quote from Fancy, by John Keats)

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    Padfoot Patronus
    I'm not sure if this question can be asked here, but I've read certain stories on MNFF Archives, such as kjpzak's Ancient Magic and Noldo's Where Laughter Dies, which have these award like things in their summaries. Are these winner to some competition previously held? If yes, then which one?Where can we get any other details about it?



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    Snape's Talon
    Padfoot Patronus: Those awards indicate the story was selected for our Featured Stories, which are highlighted on the home page of the archives. Blue indicates the story is currently featured (such as Shakespearean Traitor or Shades of Black) while red and gold indicates it was featured in the past.

    All Featured Stories are selected at the discretion of the Mods.

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    James Jameson
    Are you allowed (for instance in the Plot Potions forum) to ask for help on original fiction?

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