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Thread: Ask A Moderator ~ Lucky Number Thirteen

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    What category have you submitted it to? All poetry should be submitted to the poetry category only.

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    Disappearing Act

    I`ve been trying to submit my first fanfic but it keeps on disappearing and i`m not getting any kind of response. What do I do?

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    I submitted it to poetry, and though I haven't gotten a rejection letter yet, I was just wondering what reasons it could be rejected for - for the most part plot, OOC, AU etc wouldn't be factors, would they?

    Also, I'm pretty sure that y'all know this, but the link to the explanations of warnings page is still down.

    Finally, although multi-cat submissions are not allowed, it seems to say that they are on the submission form...


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    mispersonality- if a story is submitted to more than one category, it will be deleted without notice. That could be why. If you're certain it was not submitted to more than one category, please contact the Moderator of the category to which you submitted.

    Kathyhermy123- Poetry can also be rejected if it is a direct parody of a well-known piece of literature/music and no credit is given as to the source. Poetry is a popular category, and poems are moderated in the order they are submitted, so please give 7-10 days for a story or poem to be moderated.

    On the actual submissions page where you fill in the title, summary, etc. of your story in order to submit, it will let you choose multiple categories, meaning a Main Category and a Sub-Category. You can choose Romance, but then you must choose a sub-category of Romance, such as Hermione/Draco. However, you can't submit to Hermione/Draco and Dark/Angsty and Mystery all at the same time.

    We will look into the link being down.


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    How long are stories usually in the queue? I've submitted a story a while ago and I know there are probably a lot of stories and poems submitted daily but I am curious to know if the length of time my story has been in queue is normal. It's only a chapter of the story. When I submitted it, I noticed that it said when a story is in the queue, an author will be able to access it through my stories but I've been unable to do that.

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    To clarify this just a bit with pretty pictures, although on the page where you submit the stories, it notes you can select more than one category ...

    It clearly states in red on both the Submission Rules and on the Add A New Story pages this is not acceptable.

    To further belabor the point, if the box below the category drop down has more than one entry, you're about to do a multiple category submission.

    If you continue with the submission as it appears above, your story is guaranteed to be rejected, no questions asked.

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    kritchen - We try to moderate stories before they reach the seven-day mark. However, during busy seasons, it may take ten days for your story to reach a moderator. If it's been longer than ten days, you may contact a moderator for the status of your story. Until then, please be patient. Note that every time you edit your story while it is still in queue, it moves all the way back to the end of the line and will take up to another seven days to reach a moderator.

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    I have already asked Roxy this, but she was unsure, So I thought I'd see what other mods think.

    Even though I am from the MidWest USA, I absolutely adore the Welsh band the Manic Street Preachers. If you don't know anything about them, they are currently a 3 member band. However several years ago there was a fourth member, and one night he walked out of a hotel they were staying at, and never returned. He was never seen nor heard from, and they have yet to recover his body.

    I had a plot bunny that he was really a wizard and that he left that night to go back to wizarding world (I have several reasons why in my head, I just need to pick one).

    My questions is: Would this be considered a crossover? I basically want to know if this would even be allowed to be posted....

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    Hi Loralie!

    The Submission Rules state that we cannot accept stories that use real, living people as characters. So, unfortunately, the addition of a character to the Potterverse who is a real, living person that used to be a member of your favourite band would not be accepted. Regardless of whether or not the person is still alive or missing, or has passed on, the rules are the same. This is for your own legal protection, as well as ours.

    Thank you!

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    jenny b

    I was just wondering about my fic, which is a Sirius/OC one-shot. It is centered around Sirius' attempts to ask out the girl he likes, but there is also some Lily/James in there, as they are already dating at the time of my fic, and there is a little sideline thing of them going on.

    Anyway, my question is: would I would need to submit this to Other Pairing or Various Pairings? I already submitted it once to Other Pairing, but it got rejected without a letter and I thought that might be the reason why.

    Thanks in advance!

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