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Thread: Gryffindors Grab The Quaffle And Score

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    The moment Sarah was righted, William fell over. Lindsay groaned. When everyone was righted, the game began.

    “Evan, what do you think is wrong with them?” Lindsay shouted as she and Evan raced down the pitch.

    “I dunno,” he cried back. “Coming up!”

    Lindsay nodded, swerved to the left, and easily caught the Quaffle. “Are they sick?”

    “No, it’d probably be contagious, so we’d be sick too.”

    “True. Rainbow it!” She and Evan swerved up and down the pitch, easily passing the Quaffle back and forth until they were near Slytherin’s hoops.

    “What could it be, Evan?” Lindsay asked desperately.
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    “The question, I don’t think, is what it is, is, well, how do we get rid of it?” Evan replied, a look of sorrow and pity forming on his face.

    “Watch out!” Lindsay yelled, as her companion rolled. “Well, we had better play we can deal with them afterwards. It couldn’t hurt them anyways. Keep an eye out!” She flew off, concentrating now.

    Evan flew over to a Slytherin chaser, on her tail, trying to get the Quaffle. She was trapped now, with no where to go, but face him. “Sarah!” he called, hoping that she had gotten over it.
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    “Hmmm?” Sarah slowly turned her head to face Evan, which consequently almost made her fall off her broom.

    “Well, here goes nothing,” muttered Evan as her tossed her the Quaffle.

    Sarah instinctively reached out to catch the ball… ten seconds too late. It had fallen through her arms and right into Kevin Irving’s arms. He tossed it at the goal hoops, and Sidney didn’t even make an effort to catch it — she was, apparently, looking at a cloud shaped like a bunny.

    Everyone except the Slytherins groaned as Crystal Montgomery announced “Ten points to Slytherin!”

    “Time out!” Lindsay called loudly.
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    Lindsay, Nicolas, Evan, and Hope met on the ground- their confused teammates were still up in the air, lost in their own worlds. “Okay, something is way wrong. Do you think the referees can help?” Lindsay breathed.

    “It’s worth a shot,” Hope said. “Let’s ask.”

    “Are you ready to begin?”

    The group spun around to face the referee. “In a minute. Actually, we were hoping you could help us with something,” Lindsay answered.

    “Our teammates are acting weirdly. See?” Nicolas added, pointing to Sidney, who was hanging upside down on her broom, her long blond hair flapping in the breeze.

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    “I see nothing out of the ordinary,” the first referee replied coldly.

    “Perhaps they’re always like this, or perhaps they’ve, ah, experimented with some things,” the second referee sneered.

    “They would never do such a thing!” shouted Evan. “And you should be hel —” He was cut off by Lindsay dragging him away from the referees, who were now watching William do loop-de-loops in midair.

    “I think,” whispered Lindsay when the four were out of the referee’s earshot, “that they’re playing for the other team.”

    “That’s impossible!” Nicolas whispered back.

    “Maybe we can test Lindsay’s theory,” Hope said softly.
    I'm thinking that next we can have the Slytherins foul, but the refs don't call it. . . . But that's just my idea, and my idea may be idiotic.

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    “I know we can,” Lindsay replied. “Okay, team, gather ‘round!” she yelled, eyeing six Gryffindors. The all crowded around her, as she whispered a plan to each one of them. The all nodded their heads in argreement, smiles forming on almost everyone’s faces.

    “Break!” the whole team yelled. Lindsay gestured to the referee to once again resume the game, as all of her teammates hopped onto their brooms. The shrill whistle blew. Both teams soared into the air, the Slytherins on one side, the Gryffindors took the other. Evan broke the silence,” Come on, we’ve got this. Well, Hope has.”
    100 words! Woot! Guys, now we have a problem. What is their plan?

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    The team split apart, and Hope flew high up in the air, higher than she’d ever gone before. She smiled. “I love it when it all comes down to me,” she whispered to herself.

    She watched carefully as Lindsay purposely missed the Quaffle that Evan had clumsily thrown at her. Watching as Chaser Charlotte Scott zigzagged towards the goal, Hope took a deep breath and dove for the ground.

    She watched Charlotte’s process as she went, speeding and sowing accordingly, so when Charlotte finally threw the Quaffle, it landed squarely in Hope’s face.

    “Foul!” Lindsay screamed. “Hope, are you okay?”
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    Posting, posting, oh, I like to... post-ing. Or s-ing.

    Hope flashed a small grin before clutching her face in 'pain' and groaning.

    Evan wheeled around from down the pitch, shouting at the ref.

    "Aren't you going to call a foul on that?" he yelled, waving at them.

    The ref looked at him blankly. "All I saw was a stupid girl flying into the Quaffle."

    Lindsay, Hope, Evan, and Nicolas exchanged looks. They had been right, but maybe it would be better if they weren't.
    Um... it's getting a little incredulous to me. For some reason, I doubt the refs would succumb to the money pressures of the Slytherins. Has someone Imperioused or Confunded them too? I sliped in the 'blank look' just in case.


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    “Give us a minute,” Lindsay called to the ref. She and Hope flew to the ground, and Lindsay pulled out her wand to heal Hope’s bloody nose.

    “I can’t believe it,” Hope muttered.

    “I don’t think those are Hogwarts teachers. They don’t look familiar. Maybe the Slytherins hired them.”

    “That makes more sense than a teacher being so biased. But it still doesn’t explain why Sarah, Sienna, and William are acting so loopy.”

    “I don’t know. Maybe their pumpkin juice was spiked?”

    “Without anyone seeing?” Hope asked skeptically.


    But Lindsay was cut short. “Let’s go, ladies!” called the referee.
    Ta-da! They're stillllllll confused....


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    *dodges a Bludger*

    Lindsay kicked off, flying back up high. They needed to get to the bottom of this and win. Soon. Ascending a bit, she pulled next to Hope.

    "Hope!" she called over the roaring crowd. The Slytherins were chanting excitedly (the score was 40-20), and the Gryffindors were shouting jibes to the referee.

    Her Seeker wheeled around. "Yeah?"

    "You need to catch the Snitch as soon as possible! It's our only chance to win!" She tried not to let the desperation creep into her voice.

    Hope nodded. "Alright. I'll do my best!" She swooped off higher, her eyes scanning the pitch.
    Exactly 100 words.

    I have a REALLY good (in my humble opinion) actiony Quidditchy playing scene that I wrote in this that was too long to fit with everything else that I'd REALLY like to post. Soon. So, if someone could end a segment ambiguously so that it would fit seemlessly with mine, I'd REALLY appreciate it.


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