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Thread: Gryffindors Grab The Quaffle And Score

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    Come on, guys, just two more days! We can totally do this- but we have to buckle down, grab our quills/pencils/pens/typewriters/keyboards and write! Write like our lives depend on it! Write like we've never written before!

    (Okay, maybe that last piece of candy wasn't the best idea... Does anyone else see the room spinning?)

    She looked around and around, searching desperately for that familiar glimpse of gold. Instead, what she noticed was Sierra.

    Sierra tilted her head to the side. “Putter-my,” she slurred. She reached out for the butterfly, but it flew away. Sierra, in her confused state, reached even further and lost her grip on her broomstick.

    Hope muttered a few choice words as she pulled into a steep dive. Within moments, she had reached Sierra and had caught her by the arm. Carefully, Hope settled Sierra back on her broom. “Stay!” she told Sierra firmly.

    Hope rose into the sky once more.
    That okay, Stubby?


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    Thankees, Becca!

    Swooping down, Lindsay sped up to reach a Slytherin Chaser. She pulled up to him deftly and grabbed for the Quaffle. Glynn- that was his name- shoved her to the side.

    On her left, a Slytherin Beater was taking aim.

    SMACK! The Bludger flew towards her, but Lindsay executed a quick roll under Glynn.

    Unlucky for him, the Bludger flew straight to its intended target, Lindsay's previous location.

    Lucky for Lindsay, the Quaffle dropped out of Glynn's grasp as he was blugeoned off. In one motion, she grabbed it and spun around. The red-and-gold spectators cheered.

    "Ten points to Gryffindor!"
    100 words, on the mark!

    Woot! We have one more day, people, let's make it count! We've got a lot of writing to do, but I think we can finish this thing!

    *jigs around*

    *strangely hyper*

    Go, go Gryffindor!


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    “Well, folks, looks like Gryffindor is finally getting in the game! After twenty minutes, the score is 130 points to Slytherin, ten to Gryffindor. Can they make a comeback? The only way to find out is to watch.”

    Lindsay flew about in the sky, attempting to steal the Quaffle from Kevin Irving. She was about to snatch it from his hands when she suddenly braked and hit her forehead with the heel of her palm. “Of course! Why didn’t I think of it before?”

    She flew over to William. “Please work,” she said quietly. “Finite Incantatum!

    William? Are you okay?”
    Not much time now. I figure this'll fix them. Comeback for Gryffindor in the future?


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    Go, go Gryffindor!

    His eyes cleared. "Huh? Wait- what?!" William whirled around. "Are we playing?"

    Lindsay nodded, relieved. "Yes! Who got you, Will?"

    "It was- tell you later. We're playing Quidditch; we've gotta kick these Slytherin asses!"

    "Alright! Revenge as motivation?"

    "Yeah," he said, flying up. Irving tried scoring, but Nicolas blocked it for the fazed Keeper. He threw to Lindsay, who moved up the field and lobbed it.

    Will caught the Quaffle and skillfully aimed under the Keeper.

    Lindsay was distracted from the score calling: she saw Hope zooming towards the Gryffindor end of the pitch, the Slytherin Seeker on her tailtwigs.
    Exactly 100 words!

    Go, go, Gryffindor! We gotta do this!


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    ZOMG, Stubby, I could kiss you right now.

    She watched Hope and Joshua swerve about for a moment, then quickly ended the curse on Sarah. She was confused and had no idea who cursed her. “Sierra was closer to the door,” Sarah said. “She’ll probably know who it was.”

    With Sarah back and the Slytherin Keeper distracted by the Seeker’s actions, the Gryffindors scored thirty points before the announcers’ voice reached Lindsay.

    “And with the Gryffindor team up to forty points, and the Slytherins at 130, the Snitch is the deciding factor. The Seekers appear to be chasing it, but- wait!”

    Lindsay whirled around and focused on Sierra.
    We can totally do this!


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    “Finite Incantatum!” whispered Lindsay, aiming her wand at Hope.

    “W-where am I?” she stuttered.

    “You’re on the pitch playing Quidditch,” replied Lindsay soothingly.

    “I remember now!” Hope cried. “We were Confunded!”

    “By who?” Lindsay asked, rolling over to narrowly avoid a Bludger.

    Hope wrinkled her eyebrows in concentration. “I think it was Cory Richards.”

    “Are you sure? I mean, he’s the Slytherin Captain, but I’m not sure he’d go that far to win.”

    “Well, he did. It was definitely him,” she retorted, staring down Richards. “Time to catch that Snitch!”

    And before Lindsay could utter another word, Hope shot away.
    . . . Because Becca made me. 100 words.

    - Katie

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    Katie, you're my new hero. *bows down to Teh Katie*

    Except I think you meant Sierra where you said Hope. Hope wasn't Confunded.

    Lindsay watched as her teammates, finally all coherent, raced around the field. Free of that worry, she looked at Hope.

    She was racing the Slytherin Seeker, Joshua, around the pitch. Hope was in the lead, and was reaching desperately for something. “The Snitch,” Lindsay breathed. “Come on, come on!”

    Hope’s fingers closed and her fist shot up in the air. “YES!” screamed Lindsay. She dove down and braked just before reaching Hope. “Yes, yes, YES!” Before long, there was a mid-air hug occurring between the entire Gryffindor team. “Take THAT, Richards!” Lindsay screamed. “Even with cheating you can’t beat us!”
    WOO-HOO! *dances* We did it!


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    Is that...

    Is that it? Or shall we do more?

    I think I'm the only one of us around so... yeah.

    Squee! We finished, mates!


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