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Thread: Gryffindors Grab The Quaffle And Score

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    Gryffindors Grab The Quaffle And Score

    Here is where we will post our QWC drabbles, Gryffs! Remember, drabbles must be 100 words or under.

    Once my Word starts working again, I shall edit this post with the first drabble. (Should be an hour or two.)

    EDIT: My Word is getting fixed tomorrow afternoon, but as of the moment it's not working. At all. So I'm really, really sorry about this, but you guys might have to start posting without me so that we can get started.

    - Captain Katie (but you can call me Katie)

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    “Everyone, get over here!” Lindsay Jacobs bellowed over the chatter. Her friends gathered around her, smiling gently.

    “So we’re playing Slytherin today. And I know there are some decent players on the team, but some of their players would do anything to win. So keep an eye out. Everyone, I know we can win today. They’re in last place, and we’re in first. They haven’t won a match yet, we’ve won all of ours. We’ve practiced until you were all ready to kill me. So let’s get out there and show them what a Quidditch team looks like!” she yelled.
    (Erm... for anyone who's on the team and confused about who I'm writing about, you might want to check the planning site...)


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    “Yeah!” shouted Nicolas Plank. “Let’s get ‘em!”

    The rest of the team nodded, determined, and walked onto the pitch... or they tried to, anyway. Sidney Lynn, usually extremely graceful, tripped over her own broom. William Clayton walked into the doorframe of the locker room. And Sarah Walton stumbled on her own robes, falling to the ground in a heap with Sidney and William.

    “What’s going on?” Hope Forester asked, utterly confused.

    “I’m not sure,” replied Evan Grant, “but it can’t be good.”

    Lindsay just stood with her mouth agape, staring at her team, half of which were on the ground.
    Wow, that was EXACTLY 100. . . .

    Thanks, Becca, for starting us off. My Word seems to be working now.

    Quick recap:

    Confunded: Sidney Lynn, William Clayton, Sarah Walton.
    Not Confunded: Lindsay Jacobs (Captain), Evan Grant, Hope Forester, Nicolas Plank.

    - C.K.

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    Yay for Katie's Word working! Yay for the QWC! Yay for hyper-ness! And yay for making up words!

    “What’s wrong with them?” asked Nicolas Plank as he helped Sarah to her feet. She swayed and stared at Nicolas as if seeing him for the first time.

    Hope and Evan, who were steadying Sidney and William, looked bewildered. “It’s like their brains are gone,” Hope muttered.

    A look of comprehension dawned on Lindsay’s face. She ran outside, but came back moments later looking disappointed.

    “I thought maybe some Slytherins had cursed them, but the substitute referee said no one was anywhere near our changing room,” Lindsay muttered.

    “Just because we’re better doesn’t mean they’d break the rules,” Evan said.

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    “We’re talking about Slytherins here, Evan,” said Hope pointedly.

    “Oh. Right,” was his sulky reply.

    “Come on, you guys! Focus!” said Lindsay loudly, clapping her hands together. “Now, what could cause them to act clueless?”

    Hope scratched her chin, as she was prone to do when thinking hard. “Could they be Confunded?” she mused aloud.

    “It’s a possibility,” said Nicolas, “but the referee said no one was near our changing room.”

    “Money!” yelled Lindsay suddenly, snapping her fingers. “The Slytherins are all rich!”

    “And your point is. . .?” inquired Evan, leaning forward.

    “Bribery,” replied Lindsay simply.
    97 words this time. Claire's on vacation 'till Sunday, so she won't be able to post until then. I expect Stubby's off working on NaNo. . . .

    - C. Katie

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    I haven't been able to get on the computer lately...

    Katie, aren't we going a bit too fast on them finding out the mystery? We're about two weeks from the deadline and 400ish words in. I tried to slow them down a bit...

    “Referees are always Hogwarts teachers, though. They wouldn’t accept a bribe,” stated Nicolas.

    Hope sighed. “We can’t play with them like this. Sidney’s our Keeper, they’ll probably score hundreds of points before I find the Snitch!”

    “And Lindsay, half of our plays involve Sarah,” Evan remarked.

    “And I can’t be everywhere at once- I need William to help keep the Bludgers away from us and close to the Slytherins,” mumbled Nicolas.

    “Well, what other choice do we have? Our reserves won’t have time to get changed before the game starts,” Lindsay countered. “We’d better come up with a solution fast.”

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    Teh Stubby has arrived!

    Hope huffed."We’d better get going; we can just hope for the best."

    Sarah stared blankly out, smiling vaguely. "Always hope... for the best!" she slurred.

    Evan looked around skeptically. "Um... will the best be good enough?" he asked, glancing to Lindsay. "Not that we shouldn't try."

    "I think-" Lindsay surveyed her team. Three of them seemed pretty out of it. Who could've done it, though? No Slytherins could have gotten near the lockers, and the refs wouldn't have done anything...hopefully. She shook her head, exasperated. They couldn't think about this now. "I think we should get out there and play!
    Exactly 100 words! Squee! I do agree, we're getting at this a bit fast. Sorry that I haven't been around. Where is everyone, though? We've got 7 (6, really) days to get this baby written!

    For reference- maybe my own- here's the team rosters.


    Chaser- Captain Lindsay Jacobs- strong leadership skills, patient

    Chaser- Evan Grant- intelligent, focused

    Chaser- Sarah Walton- innovative, kind

    Beater- William Clayton- unselfish, calm

    Beater- Nicolas Plank-lucky, sincere

    Keeper- Sidney Lynn- graceful, determined

    Seeker- Hope Forester- observant, decisive


    Chaser- Brett Collins- focused, loyal

    Chaser- Kevin Irving- imaginative, secretive

    Chaser- Charlotte Scott- efficient, alert

    Beater- Melissa Proudfoot- detail-oriented, humble

    Beater- Erin Mayes- trusting, lazy

    Keeper- Captain- Cory Richards- objective, competitive

    Seeker- Joshua Dalton- energetic, practical

    There. Names in green are Confunded.



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    Actually, Stubby, we have until December 5th, I think. Because we didn't get the prompt on time, so the judges gave us an extension...

    On to the next bit (quickly) while my computer isn't freaking out.

    Lindsay ran out onto the field, followed by the rest of her team. She helped her confused teammates onto their brooms, and beckoned her teammates to her.

    “Alright, now, this is it. We’ve got to work doubly hard to win with those three the way they are,” Lindsay ranted to Hope, Evan, and Nicolas. “Nicolas, do your best but don’t freak out.. Everyone, keep an eye out for Bludgers. Evan, we’ve got to keep the Quaffle away from them if it’s the last thing we do. And Hope, the faster you find the Snitch, the better it’ll be for us.”

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    “Got it!” said Hope loudly with false cheer, tapping a finger to her head.

    “Me too,” said Nicolas, though he was a very pale green colour and clutching his stomach.

    “WE CAN DO IT!” yelled Evan at such a deafening volume that everyone had to take a step back. “What?” he asked, staring at Lindsay, who had her hands clasped tightly over her ears. “I was only trying to help with team spirit.”

    “Yeah, let’s go, teammmmm,” garbled Sarah as she stared at the sky. The team looked on as she unceremoniously plopped to the ground with a muffled flump.
    Claire's back from vacation, everybody, so she should be joining us soon in posting.

    - C. Katie

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    I'm sorry, guys! Here I am, though, back from a 12 hour drive.

    Lindsay bent over to help her up. The team was really going to have to play well, to make up for the few of ther players that obviously had something wrong. She spoke, in a hushed voice," Those Slytherins over there mean buisness, so we have to show them our confidence. Otherwise, we might not have any left.

    Evan smiled, in spite of their current situation. He too, whispered,” Brett Collins is good, but we can do it. Anyways, he’s like a weak puppy without Kevin Irving. He’s more of the one to watch. But, don’t worry, we’ll be okay.”

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