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Thread: Preferred Alcoholic Beverage?

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    Preferred Alcoholic Beverage?

    Hi! Which type of alcohol (from what we've met in the HP series) would you think the Marauders would prefer to drink? In my latest chapter I have them having a bit of a drunken get together so I was also wondering which alcohol do you think would be the easiest for them to *cough*borrow*cough* from the Hog's Head/the Three Broomsticks?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Well, if they're meaning to get drunk I'd say Firewhiskey. In the books we've encountered Butterbeer (which I think has been established has rather low alcohol content), mulled mead, brandy and Firewhiskey. Young people usually don't like Brandy much; the taste is too prominent, but whiskey usually goes down okay. Mulled mead could work, that's like beer, probably a dark or golden sort served warm, of medium alcohol content (think between 4 and 8 % somewhere). It would be cloudy, not clear, probably with live yeast. But Firewhiskey is easier to get drunk off.

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    Apart from what MaiaMadness said, I really don't have much to say. I honestly think Firewhiskey would be the right way to go about it because throughout the books we've found several HP characters talking about Firewhiskey often. For example, Ron, who commented on whether he could drink Firewhiskey now (but was promptly discouraged by Hermione).

    It seems to me as though Firewhiskey is the more popular drink amongst young people in the HP series and since they want to get drunk together, I think it's the best option. Just my opinion, though

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    Okay, time to put in my two cents!

    Personally, I would choose firewhiskey too. I mean, how many times to you hear teens, magical teens in fact, say "Oh yeah, I brought the mulled mead!" I don't even think they would know what that was! Whoever got the alcohol, and I would think only James or Sirius would have the guts, would probabley only think to get firewhiskey.

    But also, I think if you put anything other than brandy, which is a little harsh, or firewhiskey, it would sort of stop the flow of the story. As I said before about the mulled mead, that doesn't exactly roll off the tongue.

    I hope this helps!

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    Thanks so much for all your help, everyone!

    Mods: I've gotten what I need from this thread, please feel free to lock and grave .

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