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Thread: Remus Lupin

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    Originally posted by Carole Lupin:
    It just means he was either the most responsible Dumbledore could find, or that he never got caught.
    We know as you said, Dumbledore was hoping he would have some control over his friends, but I am sure Dumbledore knew better. I think part of Dumbledore's plan was to help Remus with feeling like he was worth something, that his life had some meaning.

    I think Remus probably suffered knowing with the anti-werewolf sentiment and the registry, he wouldn't be good for much when he graduated. Being made a prefect could have boosted a fragile self-esteem or at least Dumbledore hoped.

    As far as getting caught, though I am not sure to what you are referring, we know they never got caught running the grounds. Dumbledore didn't know the other three were Animagus and running around once a month with Remus in werewolf form until the end of PoA when Sirius confessed all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Terri Pettigrew)
    As far as getting caught, though I am not sure to what you are referring, we know they never got caught running the grounds.
    I meant never getting caught in the pranks they used to pull. I exaggerated because he did get caught occasionally, but if we're dismissing the cliche that Remus was never involved in any pranks because he was a good responsible Hermione type - (ahh MWPP takes over my life), then I think that he probably was involved in a lot of the pranks and hexes but like Peter didn't serve as many detentions because of it.

    In POA we see Remus thinking on his feet when confronted with the Map, it suggests that he's better at coming up with excuses and hiding his feelings than James and Sirius.


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    In my mind, which might be completely confused, I always pictured Remus as a behind the scenes operator in their pranks. I could see him being the one brewing the potions and keeping an eye on the Marauders Map while James and Sirius were the ones that actually went around pulling the pranks. This could account for the reason that usually only James and Sirius were caught, because when they were, they would never rat (excuse the pun) out Remus and Peter for working behind the scenes. Also, Remus was relatively shy compared to those two and wouldn't have flaunted the fact that a prank had been pulled on the Slytherins, cutting down the number of times he was actually accused of being involved.

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    This is something I've always wondered...

    Is it cliche for Remus to be feeling poorly on the day of the full moon?

    Would it be implausible for him to stay in the Hospital Wing for the afternoon?

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    I don't think that it's a cliche to have Remus feel bad the day of the full moon. The way I see it is when you get a cold you have a caugh here and there and you maybe have to blow your nose once or twice before the actual cold hits. Maybe Remus starts feeling bad on the morning of the full moon.

    I also don't think that it's implausible for him to stay in the Hospital Wing for the afternoon. Before his friends became Anamagi I think that he would have went to the Hospitible Wing after until he was all better. Once they became Anamagi I don't know. I would imagine that he would go back to the Hospital Wing so Madam Pomfrey doesn't get suspicious as to why he suddenly gets better. Anyways, he might need a potion so he gets better quicker so he can go back to classes. So yes, I would say that it's possible.
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    ron lover, To a certain degree I completely agree with you, Remus wouldn't be himself before the full moon, but I disagree with just how he would be feeling.

    The werewolf we are told is a very energetic creature, as an Remus takes a potion specifically to keep the beast calm and docile so he can sleep underneath his desk. This would suggest to me that the moon, as it reaches its maximum size, would give him excess energy, which would leave him feeling agitated and antsy.

    Personally, I feel that Remus would be be faster, stronger, and his reflexes would be dramatically improved. I think this works with what we are told about how Remus feels after the full moon. That's not to say Amortentia x is using a cliche, not at all, it's just I like to think against convention.

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    I have a question about Remus.
    In PoA, Sirius admits to thinking that Remus was the spy back in 1981 that was handing over secrets to Voldemort. Remus admits the same, but we can assume that Sirius's word had a bit more influence with James because he convinced James to make Peter the Secret-Keeper and no one told Remus.
    So, my question is: WHY did Sirius think it was Remus? What could he have done that would have caused such a breach of trust?
    I'm going to assume that Remus being a werewolf could be part of it, but I'm also thinking that there must be something more concrete. I'm envisioning a scenario in which something goes wrong and Sirius sees Remus overreact or something, or perhaps Remus was one of the only people who could have told Voldemort something that later comes to pass.
    And conversely - why did Remus think it might be Sirius?
    If this question belongs in the plot section, please let me know and I'll move it! Thanks!

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    I personally think it'll be a mix of everything. Voldemort is very good, we know, at creating fear and mistrust in people, and both Sirius and Remus knew that someone very close to the Potters was feeding information to Voldemort. We know that neither of them would suspect Peter, so the next natural choice is each other. I think it was because of the fear and the stress of the situation they were in that caused them to think this.

    Perhaps Sirius did consider the fact that Remus was a werewolf, but I don't think it would be the main reason; he's spent seven odd years in Remus's company and often when he's been transformed and he knows that werewolves as people aren't as black as their painted. I think it would be a case of getting the suspicion because he's the only other person, other than himself and Peter, who he doesn't think capable, who is close to Lily and James, and then adding things that he sees as suspicious to the scenario to strengthen his belief. He could perhaps have not seen Remus for days and then something happen to the Potters, perhaps Death Eaters turn up near where they're hiding, and that strengthen his conviction that Remus must have told them where they were hiding.

    I think I've done a terrible job of explaining what I mean, but I hope some sense can be got from this!

    Sarah x

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    I think Remus himself might have subconsciously caused this. They are out of school now, and he's facing quite some more challenges than his friends are. He probably struggled a lot finding a job, and he might have been just as angsty as he is later in HBP. He sees his friends - especially Sirius and James - excited about the chance to do something, and to live their lives in a healed world afterwards. He himself has no real perspective; even if Voldemort is defeated, what is Remus looking at? He wouldn't get a proper job like Sirius might. He won't be in love like Lily and James. He doesn't have James' money. I can see him leaving Hogwarts and instantly becoming somewhat depressed. He's not that much of an optimistic person on his own.

    So... long story short - I think Remus would have kept to himself a lot, and that might have seemed suspicious. Dumbledore himself hinted that there might have been a traitor among James' and Lily's close friends. As Sarah already pointed out, Sirius knew it wasn't himself, and he didn't think Peter was capable. I can imagine other Order members mistrusting Remus, too, so that the rumours would just keep creeping around. And Remus never struck me as someone to stand up for himself against his friends, so I don't really know how he would handle the accusations if they were made openly.
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    And of course there is the sneaky rat who's probably pretty good at hinting things ...

    I agree with Kara. Remus out of Hogwarts and facing up to the fact that he can't get a job, is mistrusted by the majority of the Wizarding World (even nice ones like Molly and Arthur) is going to make him more solitary. Perhaps he stays away from James and Lily because he somehow fears he'll harm Harry, or maybe he sees that fleeting fear in Lily's eyes.

    Gina, you're a mum. You know that when pregnant or have just delivered we're not 100% rational. And James would have been ultra protective too. Perhaps it was a merest feeling of mistrust but Remus sensed it. (Darn, I'm giving you a plot bunny ...)

    Sirius knows someone close to the Potters is a traitor. He discounts himself, James and Lily. He's left with Peter and Remus. ( I think you need to make it clear that it had to be one of those two and couldn't have been Mundungus or someone. ) So he has the choice of the werewolf - who he's possibly seen lose his temper (and when Remus loses control it's spectacular) or Peter who has always been slavishly grateful to Sirius and James.

    He'd choose Remus. He wouldn't want to believe it - just as Remus would not want to believe it of Sirius - but he'd face it being Remus because he has to protect James/Lily and Harry.

    Have you read Edges by DragonDi - there are some brilliant remembered conversations between Remus and Sirius in that. Spectacular fic that gives a very good idea about why they suspected each other.


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