I'm writting a story focusing on the Marauders and I'm having a bit of trouble conciliating Remus being a prefect with his mischievousness and with pranks. How do you think he'd behave? Did he still take part on planning the pranks with the rest of the Mraruders after fifth year? Did he became a lot less mischiveous after he was made prefect? Or do you think he acted a bit like Ron when he became a prefect, not really caring if his friends broke rules and just pretending not to see or hear anything?

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I've been wondering. My OC; Tom, is Sirius's son. With Sirius being dead, I was trying to decide how Remus would treat Tom, would he go as far as to adopt him? (this is at the end of the summer after OotP)
I agree, with Michelle on remus not adopting Sirius' son...I think it wouldn't work out, I mean, can you imagine a warewolf raising a kid, transforming every month? I think Remus is far too responsible to allow that, he probably would keep in touch with the boy through letters and such, but I imagine he would suggest Tom to live with his mother (if she's alive). That's just me though :P