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Thread: Remus Lupin

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    Remus Lupin

    Does anyone have any thoughts on what Remus' patronus would be? What would make him feel protected and safe?

    Any help is highly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    Remus Lupin has many emotions and feelings displayed across the book. But, he is most known for being a werewolf. Ask anyone who hasn't read the books about him. "Oh, yeah, is that the werewolf?" is a commn answer. But, he obviously hates "that time of the month", so what would protect him, or make him feel safe while he is a werewolf?

    I think that there are several answers to this. He valued friendship, in PoA, talking to Pettigrew. Didn't his friends make him feel safe? Wasn't that the point of their Animagus figure? His friends were what was protecting him on those hard nights in the Shack. So, could is Patronus be something like one pf their Animaguses?

    I doubt that he would favor Pettigrew as much as to feel protected by him, so that rules out him. What about James, a stag? Well, each person's patronus is special, and unique. The problem is that Harry has the same Patronus, then. I believe that that rules out James.

    Sirius, I think, is a good bet. Yes, he might have had the same Patronus as his Animagus form, but it was for different reasons. If Harry and Remus had the same one, it would virtually be for the same reason, wouldn't it? Sirius was always very close to him, and a dog would be reasonable for his Patronus. But, as to not copy it directly, you could have any variation of a dog, as long as the reader can still tell where you are getting at.

    I hope I helped!


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    Hi! Thanks for replying! I, too, was thinking along the lines of him feeling protected by his fellow Marauders as they were the first people to really accept him. Though I'm afraid that I'm disinclined to go with his Patronus being like one of their Animagus forms. So instead I went searching for animal symbolism and I came up with a badger: mischief, playful, wisdom and caring. Does this not encompass all of the attributes of him and his fellow Marauders? Also I know that it is not the symbolism of an animal that matters but what the animal represents to that person, but if you think about it, badgers are nocturnal and nearly all of the Marauders' adventures would have taken place during the full moons. Also a badger is the symbol of Hufflepuff house, one of the houses of Hogwarts, Hogwarts being the place where Remus was taken in, both in his youth and in his adult life. Lastly, I think that a badger is rather a simple creature and I don't see Remus wanting something overly outrageous as a Patronus.

    Anyway, please let me know what you guys think.


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    Padfoot Patronus

    Well, here's my take:

    Will the Patronus be some animal big in size?

    Remus is a modest, down-to-earth kind of person, who in a general situation would not like anything showy, big, or ‘overly outrageous’ . But I consider the fact the he was bitten when he was ‘very small’ a foundation for my views. See it from the POV of an innocent child. Whom does he think will protect him apart from his parents? An animal that is big and at the same time kind?

    I think Remus’ Patronus would be very much determined by the ‘child’ within him. This is because it is being bitten that changed Remus’ whole life; his perspectives and I’d say nature and character to an extent too.

    The nature of animal

    The werewolf inside Remus is a very savage animal. If you still follow me on the ‘child-determines’ factor, then we can also assume for good measure, that the animal would first symbolize innocence, protection and goodness.

    A have read a couple views of his Patronus being the Unicorn, but I think even for a child Remus this would be very girly, knowing how sometimes young boys try to behave as mature ones. However, counter-arguing my own views, I also think that it is possible that the soft and gentle person in Remus would want an animal such as a Unicorn to protect them. Therefore, this option is as likely as others.

    Claire’s view is also possible to an extent that it could be Sirius’ dog or a variation of it, at least. However, for the sake of a variety, lets continue the debate, shall we?

    Kirsty you say:

    Also I know that it is not the symbolism of an animal that matters but what the animal represents to that person…’

    But Remy is the person who underestimates his own talents and strengths. He ignores what he needs and instead considers himself worthless of affection. My memory doesn’t allow me to give you an actual example of this, but I’m sure if Remus is appreciated for anything, he will be grateful but will modestly shrug it off. Perhaps, because not many people have appreciated him in his life?

    Didnt get my point, did you? Well, me neither.

    Despite this I think the ‘symbolism of an animal’ will matter to an extent. And this symbolism would actually be everything Remus is, unique and special, how much he may try to ignore it.

    Therefore possible Patronuses:

    If you agree with me on my last view, that his Patronus would be an animal mirroring his own personality, or rather the non-werewolf Remus that we know, then I would say, his could be a Fox. A little help from a reference site, gives the Fox Patronus, the following characteristics and strengths: Shapeshifting, Cleverness, Observational Skills, Cunning, Stealth, Camouflage, Feminine Courage, Invisibility, Ability to Observe Unseen, Persistence, Gentleness, Swiftness, Diplomacy, Wildness, Adaptation, Slyness, Wisdom, Protection, Provider, Intelligence

    Words such as wisdom, gentleness, and observational skill are just too familiar with regard to his personality. He is also an evident representation of cleverness and being the provider, I think, much more during his time with the Marauders then anytime else (pranks etc). And Remus definitely is a diplomat; remember that infamous accident by the lake?

    Or a Bear perhaps, symbolizing: Introspection, Healing, Solitude, Change, Communication with Spirit, Death and Rebirth, Transformation, Astral Travel, Creature of Dreams, Visionaries, Defense and Revenge, Wisdom, Thoughtfulness, Need for Retreat, Rest, Natural Strength, Intuitions Married with Instinct, Introspection, Mother, Cunning, Healer, Dreaming, Direction.

    Incase, you’d like to go with a flying animal, you could use a hawk too. The following are the characteristics symbolized by a Hawk: Clear-Sightedness, Being Observant, Far-Memory, Guardianship, Recalling Past Lives, Courage, Wisdom, Illumination, Seeing the Larger Picture, Creativity, Truth, Experience, Wise Use of Opportunities, Overcoming Problems, Nobility, Recollection.

    Hope these references helped you. I’m very much glad someone started this thread, because I've questions too


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    This is kind of a weird question, but do you think Remus is the type to drink? I've just written it into one of my fics, and I feel funny about it. So, what do you think?

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    I'm sure he'd have something to drink now and then. Maybe it might take some persuation, but sure. I don't think he would drink exsessively though. Just here and there.

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    I really like the idea of his patronus being a badger, something about that just fits. And it makes sense as well!

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    Urmm, I'm not sure where else to put this, but what would you imagine Tonks and Remus' wedding was like? We know next to nothing from canon. I can't really imagine what it would be like. Suggestions?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Iruthb View Post
    Urmm, I'm not sure where else to put this, but what would you imagine Tonks and Remus' wedding was like? We know next to nothing from canon. I can't really imagine what it would be like. Suggestions?
    I'd have to agree with everyone else here, but with another thought to add. I'm pretty sure they were being sought after by Death Eaters, so it couldn't have been a big affair.
    The fact that Peter knew almost everything about Remus limited where they could go and what they could do. I'd also imagine Tonks would make sure it wasn't anyone else's vision of her wedding. Given that most of the Order didn't talk about it around Harry, I'd assume it was the couple and a few witnesses - possibly followed by a dinner.
    Something tells me Remus wouldn't want to advertise the whole thing.

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    Quiet. I think Tonks mentions it was quiet and hushed when she tells Harry in DH. There was probably only a few people there, perhaps just the witnesses. I suspect it could have been Order members only because someone mentions that the Ministry was feeling anti-werewolf at the time, and having Tonks friends from work or whatever could have risked the Ministry finding out. They might not have even wanted to come given what Remus was.

    I don't think it was nearly as grand as Bill and Fleur's as I imagine the couple wouldn't have that much money. A hurried ceremony (I can imagine Tonks refusing to wear a white dress) and a quiet reception, maybe just dinner at their house. Certainly no decorations or flowers or dancing etc.

    Hope this helps a little.

    Sarah x

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