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Thread: Christmas Presents

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    Christmas Presents

    Hi! Does anybody know, or have any ideas, on how parents manage to send all their childrens' presents to Hogwarts for Christmas? Because surely there would be too many to send by owl post alone.

    Any help highly appreciated!

    Thanks in advance!

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    For big families like the Weasleys, perhaps some gifts are magically shrunk, and then all arranged in one parcel, in one owl.

    Upon reaching Hogwarts, the gifts go to the house-elves, who have their own procedure. They're the ones who send the presents to the beds. This is how I see it, at least.


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    I agree with LucillaJoanna. The presents probably just arrive by owls over time and the house elves keep them stored somewhere. For large families such as the Weasleys, which are obviosuly specialized in shrinking and enlarging spells, they shrink and enlarge the presents. For families that have children in separate houses (The Patil twins), they probably just specify which house on the present. The elves have them sorted into houses, gender, year, person, and then they deliver them on Christmas Eve! I doubt they come in a mass rush on Christmas Eve though, it probably is a generally moderate flow over the month of December.

    Er, I mean, Santa delivers them on Christmas Eve...

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    I agree with you both, but I could also see that maybe the parent could use floo powder. They would just say 'the Hogwarts kitchen' and then the house elfs would take care of it, and get the presents in the right common room and such.

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    I agree with all the wonderful theories so far!

    But how about casting a charm on the packages that makes them feather light to carry (I'm pretty sure Errol couldn't make that journey otherwise!) or perhaps a levitating charm, though I'm not sure they work over such a great distance.

    They could also banish the gifts, but again I'm not sure about the distance thing again.

    Hopefully this helped!

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    Well, most parents wouldn't have to send their children's presents to Hogwarts since most of the kids go home for the holiday. That being said, I'd expect in the rare circumstance where their child does stay at the school, they'd use owl post but use multiple owls, like when Harry got his Nimbus 2000 delivered by six owls. I'd also expect that the owls would deliver the packages to the house-elves, rather than finding the dormitories.

    Hope that helps!

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    Ghoul in Pajamas
    I think most gifts would be shrunk and carried by one owl. The Nimbus 2000 was probably a special case, because brooms have a lot of protection on them. Everything else could be sent to the house elves and stored until Christmas Eve, when the elves could pop into the dormitories with the gifts.

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    Wow! Thanks, everyone, you all helped me out a lot!

    Mods: I've gotten what I need from this thread, feel free to lock and grave .

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