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Thread: Bellatrix Lestrange

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    I'm working on a fic (and a bunch of drabbles) about Bellatrix, and I had a couple questions for you guys.

    Do you think Bellatrix would feel any remorse at all for killing Tonks? And do you think if she saw Andromeda crying over Tonks's body or something in that vein, her feelings might change about what she'd done? (Though I know she'd probably already be dead by this point, in the fic she's capable of seeing that.)

    In a similar vein, do you think she cares about Andromeda at all, or has she just completely distanced herself from her to the point that she really doesn't care about her at all, or just purely hates her?

    What person do you think she cares about the most? I never thought that she actually cared about Voldemort himself, more admired him - kind of in the same way one might be "in love with" a celebrity, except kind of ratcheted up a couple notches - but I'm not sure who else she'd actually care about, other than Narcissa.

    Do you think that as a kid she'd be the type who would burn insects with magnifying glasses just for the sake of it and that sort of thing, or do you think her rather sadistic tendencies came around later? Would she have had a hard time with her first kill/crucio, or would it have been fairly easy for her?

    And finally (though I know this is practically a cliché) do you think it's actually possible for her to have a child with Voldemort?

    So. A ton of questions, I know, but any thoughts?
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    Hello. I'm only going to tackle one of these questions, as I'm the last person to be an expert on Bellatrix. I do remember Tonks saying in DH, after barely surviving the attack on the 7 Potters, that Bella had tried very hard to kill her, that "she wants me as badly as I want her," or something to that effect. So it would be hard to sell me on Bella being remorseful over killing Tonks, considering all of that. But I'm not saying you couldn't do it. I could maybe see her having to press down images/thoughts of Andromeda's reaction to the news, more forcing herself to stay distanced from it, you know? But yeah, Tonks has been on the top of her kill list for a while, according to canon. So I think she'd be satisfied by it, really.

    What a complex character she is. Good luck!

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    I enjoy writing Bellatrix to a possibly mind-damaging extent, so will try to help. It's my personal view that she is completely mad. Her years in Azkaban have given her a near fanatical devotion to Voldemort, possibly as giving him this is the only way she can rationalise so many wasted years in prison. I will try to answer your questions:

    I think it's without a doubt that Bellatrix would not feel any remorse on Tonks' death. She's an example of an 'impurity' in Bellatrix's family, doubly so for being Ted's daughter, and then married to Remus, and she's want her dead. I also think there is no chance of her feeling any remorse. I think she hates Andromeda. There's a stubborness and conviction that she is right, and the beliefs she has always held are unshakeable, which means she is to some extent obliged to. She's pretty much given up everything for Voldemort, and to find any flaw in having done that, would drive her even more insane than she is already. I see Bellatrix as seeing things very much in black and white. Andromeda betrayed her family, therefore Andromeda is evil.

    I think her feelings about Voldemort go beyond admiration. I don't think she cares for him--that's the wrong word, but she is devoted to him. She wouldn't want to mother him or nurse him (the thought makes me feel ill) but she wants him to succeed above all things. This is partly because now she's thrown her lot in with him, if he succeeds, she succeeds, but I think in going to Azkaban for trying to find him (it's never quite explained how the Aurors arrested and knew that Bellatrix, the Lestranges and Crouch Jnr were responsible, but the fact that it was so soon after the event suggests mistakes being made on the Death Eaters' parts) she shows her devotion, as well as a strongly held belief that he will return (something I don't think a single other Death Eater believed in).

    The extent she cares about Narcissa, I think, is purely based on how she represents the Black family. Lucius Malfoy messing up is embarrassing, therefore she criticises her sister for it, but she does not seek to control her sister, or physically prevent her from requesting Snape's help, which to me suggests some remaining level of respect, if not affection.

    Bellatrix as a child is a highly interesting point, and I think you have pretty free rein. She certainly, by Trio/ late Marauder Era, takes pleasure in killing and torturing, but I see this as an attempt for her to exercise control, and that's where she derives the pleasure, in her own power and ability to hurt others, rather than the act of hurting itself (at least initially). At what age that developed into sadism, is up to you. You could even say Tom Riddle/Voldemort influenced her in making her more aware of this. Likewise, with her first Crucio and Killing Curse, it's possible to go either way. That is was difficult at first, but rather like a drug addiction, or that it was like a homecoming for her and she enjoyed it and found it easy straight away.

    As for her and Voldemort having a child, no, I do not think that is at all possible. I mean, physically, perhaps, but I don't think Voldemort has a sex drive, and he wouldn't see the point in having a child in the first place. He wants to live forever, he doesn't want a child to interfere with that. Likewise, while I do think Bellatrix is devoted to him, she probably sees him as 'above' sex. I think she sees sex as a way of controlling others, one she can occasionally derive pleasure from, but always with the power on her side, and that as she gets older, she increasingly gets her thrills from causing pain, rather than sex. In the very unlikely event of it being of use to Voldemort to have a child, than I think Bellatrix would do what he wanted, but I cannot see that ever being useful to him.

    I hope this helped--

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