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Thread: Bellatrix Lestrange

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    I remember doing Sadism and obsessive love in A level physcology.

    Basically, sadists have what is called an Anitsocial Personality Disorder in general. What is interesting about Bellatrix is that generally, people with this disorder have no respect for authority, yet she has a great amount of respect for Lord Voldy.

    Antisocial behaviour disorders are in Cluster B of the DSM-IV Personality Disorders, which means basically, sufferers can be dramatic- like Bellatrix. But they are one-step down from schizophrenia and one step above OCDs. They like to dominate and delight in the suffering of others. Fits Bellatrix perfectly.

    They can idolise someone, want closeness, but they cannot comprehend the feelings of others. They are obsessed with that person, and will convince themselves that they are in love with them, when really it is just a manufactured feeling. She may have believed she was in love with Voldy, but I personally think she was infatuated by him. He too, seems to have had a similar disorder, so maybe that's why it worked. Who knows?

    It's all the way you percieve it. If you are writing from Bellatrix's POV, then it doesn't really matter whether or not it was true love, because it's what she believes.

    Personally I think it was the fact that she couldn't dominate him, because you've got to remember that Sadists are very clever. I think that drew her to him, and she was in lust for a very long time, not love.

    I bet JKR never realised she would have Physcology students analysing her characters!

    Anyway, I hope this helps! x

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    Does anybody know her middle name?
    Or, more importantly her eye color?
    I'm hoping it's blue. (fingers crossed)

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    hmm, you should check

    It has like autobiographys of each character, family members, eye colours, hair colours etc.

    Gah, I can't make it a link

    Oh well. Good old copy and paste then...

    EDIT: oh, i previewed it and it is a link. Ignore my rant *embarrassed*

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    Darn, it says black....
    and no middle name-just say she had a daughter-could the daughter have say, blue or green eyes?

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    I am going to have to teach you genetics lol

    Ok, Bellatrix's sister Narcissa has blue eyes, me thinks, so Bellatrix would probably have a genetic code of Bb (B= brown, b= blue)

    So if her daughter's father had the same genetic code and it is v possible if the father is Voldy, because his mum also had blue eyes, then there is a one in four chance their daughter has blue eyes. If the father is Rodolphus, then you can make it up and she could have green eyes.

    In short yes.

    Sorry, I also did A level biology. *needs to get a life*

    And the fact she has no middle name, you are able to make one up!

    lola x

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    Thanks so much!!!
    I really appreciate this!!
    So blue it is then.
    By the way, does anyone have any suggestions for her middle name?
    By the way if you go to Original Characters you'll find Bella's daughter-just in case any of you are interested!

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    try after her family members or stars. I don't really know any, but I'm sure google will bring some up. Alternatively, you could think of a word that describes Bellatrix and search the word in and see what names have that meaning. That's what I do. lol

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    My friend does that baby website thing
    You're right about the stars-thanks!
    This has helped so much!

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    Have you actually began writing it yet?
    All the research you're doing makes it sound like it would be good to read.
    You'll have to pm when it's up, I'd love to read it x

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    Yes I have-I just sent the first chapter to my Beta.
    Sure I'll PM you when it's up.
    Thanks so much for the help!

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