I'm working on a fic (and a bunch of drabbles) about Bellatrix, and I had a couple questions for you guys.

Do you think Bellatrix would feel any remorse at all for killing Tonks? And do you think if she saw Andromeda crying over Tonks's body or something in that vein, her feelings might change about what she'd done? (Though I know she'd probably already be dead by this point, in the fic she's capable of seeing that.)

In a similar vein, do you think she cares about Andromeda at all, or has she just completely distanced herself from her to the point that she really doesn't care about her at all, or just purely hates her?

What person do you think she cares about the most? I never thought that she actually cared about Voldemort himself, more admired him - kind of in the same way one might be "in love with" a celebrity, except kind of ratcheted up a couple notches - but I'm not sure who else she'd actually care about, other than Narcissa.

Do you think that as a kid she'd be the type who would burn insects with magnifying glasses just for the sake of it and that sort of thing, or do you think her rather sadistic tendencies came around later? Would she have had a hard time with her first kill/crucio, or would it have been fairly easy for her?

And finally (though I know this is practically a cliché) do you think it's actually possible for her to have a child with Voldemort?

So. A ton of questions, I know, but any thoughts?