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Thread: Squibs Using Wizard Cures?

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    Squibs Using Wizard Cures?

    I have a plot bunny for the Winter Challenge.

    In it, a squib dies. I don't want it to be a violent death, but of a sickness, commonly known around Muggles. Do you think that a Wizard would recognize that she was sick? DO you think that they could cure her?

    I was thinking along the lines of pnemonia.


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    I'm sure

    I'm sure that the wizards would have noticed and recognized the illness. Just because they're magic doesn't make them immune, I'm sure. I think if the Squib wasn't around wizards much, it would've been normal for he/she to use a muggle cure. However, I think a wizard or witch, had they been around, would be able to cure the illness. I think they might call it another name than the muggle name (i.e. pnemonia could be, I dunno, pigsnortia.) and they would definatly have a different cure. I think the cure would be much faster acting, though. All in all, I believe wizards and muggles have some of the same illnesses. Not all, but some. For instance, wizards have dragon pox, and muggles obviously do not.

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    But, something else to think about, this is taking place around the time of the first Animagus, so probably around maybe 1000 BC. WOuld that be realistic then?


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    Hi Claire,

    I agree that wizards probably have cures for most Muggle illnesses. Magic has its advantages.

    I don't think there was pneumonia in 1000 B.C, though. People live so long then. There just weren't enough irritants and chemicals in the air yet. The common illness in that era that I know of is leprosy, and internal bleeding.


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    Well, if it was way back then, then yes, they don't have all those sicknesses. Also, I think they'd have cures, but not good ones. Quack cures, maybe.

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