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Thread: Weekly Drabble Challenge - A Thousand Words: Fatherhood

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    Well, h_vic, it looks like we both decided to write about Lucius! That's funny, because I choose Lucius because I thought no one else would think of him…

    Anyway, onto the challenge:

    Name: R_Ravenclaw
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: Breakable
    Warnings: None
    Words: 444

    No, I hadn’t been avoiding my child. Anyone who suggested it would have been ridiculous.

    Maybe I wasn’t exactly ready to be alone with him, but that wasn’t for any sort of reason. After all, we had all sorts of nurses for the boy—I didn’t see why I should have been expected to help.

    He was just so small—so breakable. I wasn’t about to hurt my child.

    My wife, though, insisted on being with him far more often than required. I could fully understand the necessity of parental attention, but she was overdoing it.

    And not only that, but she seemed to enjoy it more than anything in the world. She loved him instantly. I, however, was a bit more wary of the new addition.

    I had a son? I had known it for months, of course, but something about him actually being there made it seem instantly real.

    But I wasn’t used to it. I admit that I actually enjoyed watching Narcissa, but I wasn’t about to turn in my wand and become a full-time father.

    I saw the lights on in his room just a couple weeks after he was born, and I vaguely heard a soft lullaby being hummed. I was going to look in just for a second.

    I saw Cissa rocking our son to sleep. I watched silently for a minute, unwilling to leave. I would never have admitted it, but it did make a pleasing picture. A wife and child—a real family.

    She looked up and smiled slightly. Her face looked thoughtful for a moment, and then she stood up. “Sit,” she whispered.

    I could feel my face twisting into horrified lines, but I controlled it just in time.

    “What?” I asked, forgetting to lower my voice.

    “Shhh!” she hissed, gesturing to the baby who had woken up again. She looked at me sternly.

    I gave in: I sat down. She smiled softly as she put the baby into my lap. My hands instinctively curved properly around him. Cissa looked pleased.

    I couldn’t be angry with her as I examined his soft, pale skin, his milky, blueish-grey eyes, and his little hands. The hands were so small, so breakable.

    I put my hand near his, comparing the size. I didn’t even notice the movement until I felt a soft pressure. I looked, startled, and watched his hand grasp my forefinger tightly.

    Cissa chuckled at my shocked expression. “He has a good grip for something so breakable, doesn’t he?”

    My wife. Always knowing exactly what I was thinking. I looked at my son, feeling more at ease by the moment.

    “Yes… Draco is strong.”

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    Name: Quercus
    House: Ravenclaw
    Title: The Proud Man's Contumely
    Warnings: none
    Words: 499

    In the maternity wing of St. Mungo’s, Theodore Tonks held his day-old daughter on his lap while his wife Andromeda watched from her hospital bed. ‘Dora’s eyes were clear and innocent as she gazed at her father’s rough face.

    The tranquility of the scene was interrupted by a knock on the door and the hesitant entrance of a teenage boy dragging a broom behind him.

    “Andromeda!” he gushed, and ran to his cousin’s side, dropping the broomstick. “How are you? What’d you name the baby? Can I see her?”

    “Sirius? How did you get here? Does that mean…” she looked expectantly at the door, waiting for the rest of her estranged family to enter, but Sirius shook his head.

    “I came on my broom. No one else would take me, and Dad’s got the fireplace blocked up after I tried to sneak off to the Potter’s last month. But Regulus sent a letter! I know he really wanted to come, but you know how he is. He cares a lot about what Dad thinks.” Pulling two crumpled letters out of his back pocket, Sirius looked them over and then gave one to Andromeda. “There’s one for you too, Ted.”

    He bounded over and gave him the parchment, Black family seal prominently displayed in green wax. He grinned when he saw the tiny Nymphadora. Ted took the letter and stood up, offering the chair to Sirius. “Sit down and you can hold her,” he said. “I’ll stretch my legs a bit.”

    Ted opened the letter. Regulus’ hand, though childish, was orderly, and his severely formal style showed that the stiff sense of propriety Orion Black tried to cultivate in his sons had taken root in one of them, at least.

    Mr. Theodore Tonks,

    I am sorry to say that although I cannot offer you the best wishes of my esteemed family, I hope you take no objection to my own congratulations to you and my beloved cousin Andromeda on the event of your daughter’s birth.

    I wish you good health, and hope God will give you the wisdom and strength to raise your daughter in such a manner as befits her lineage, despite your own humble origins.


    Regulus Arcturus Black
    Ted raised his eyebrows and sighed. He handed the letter to his wife, who began to read.
    “What did he write?” Sirius asked, shifting Nymphadora in his lap. “If he said something bad I’ll pound that little git so hard…"

    Andromeda cut him off. “It’s nothing. He’s just your father’s son.”

    “That’s no excuse, he should learn to think for himself- ” Nymphadora began to cry, and Ted plucked her from Sirius’ arms.

    “Not everyone is as strong as you are, Sirius.”

    “He could be, he doesn’t try- ”

    Ted paid no more attention to his wife and her cousin as he rocked his daughter to sleep. Everyone wanted the best for his children. He would do his simply- with love, he thought, as the tiny fingers clutched his.

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    Name: FlightofthePhoenix
    House: Hufflepuff
    Title: Happy Fathers Day, Dad
    Warnings: None
    Words: 419

    Grrr, every time i go to post this drabble, my internet dies. Don't fail me now computer!

    “Read me a bedtime story, Daddy!” Andromeda Lupin said insistently to her father.

    Teddy gave in to her wide, colour changing eyes and quivering lip easily; he couldn’t resist her looks. He crossed the room in a few swift steps, grabbed a story book and joined Andromeda on her bed where she sat anxiously. Andromeda made herself comfortable, leaning against the head of her bed, the cushioning pillows behind her back. Teddy jokingly shoved her further over, put one hand around her shoulder and the other expertly opened the book.

    “Many years ago, there lived a beautiful princess,” he paused slightly. “Her name was Andromeda and she was the most beautiful young lady in the whole village.”

    Little Andromeda giggled at the name change. Every time her father read her a bedtime story about pretty princesses and their Prince Charming, he changed the princess’s name to her. Teddy stopped, enjoyed the pure joy on Andy’s face. He loved to see her happy, never upset. It brought so much happiness to his heart when he saw his little girl’s face, full of joyful laughter.


    “And they lived happily ever after.”

    Teddy Lupin sat on the end of his daughter’s bed, having just finished the muggle fairytale book. Andromeda was sprawled out on her bed, her head tilted back, snoring softly. Teddy chuckled and got to his feet, moving towards the other end of the bed. He pulled the covers over her small body and bent over, pressing her lips to her forehead lightly. He could almost feel the faint memory of his own father doing this, many years ago.

    Victoire coughed as she leaned against the doorframe. Teddy joined her, still gazing fondly at his daughter’s sleeping figure. Victoire placed a small peck on Teddy’s cheek. She checked her watch with a glance and looked at Teddy.

    “There’s still time for you to go before Father’s Day is over,” she said quietly. “I’m sorry Andromeda took up most of the day.”

    Teddy nodded slowly. He didn’t mind spending Father’s Day with his own daughter, but he always made time to see his own father.


    The grave yard gates creaked open loudly and Teddy winced. He walked slowly down the pathway, passing many different shaped gravestones until he reached his destination. He stopped, dropping onto both knees. Teddy wiped away a tear as he placed the in full bloom roses in front of his fathers gravestone.

    “Happy Father’s Day, Dad.” He said softly, suppressing more tears. “I love you.”
    Goodluck to everyone else in the challenge


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    Name: pokethedevil
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: My Baby Cries
    Warnings: None
    Words: 261

    Italics represent James's thoughts of course.

    James Potter lay awake on his bed. In the dark of the night, he could hear a cricket chirping and the wind rustling the leaves outside; he could hear his wife breathing next to him in her sleep and his own heart beating rhythmically inside of him, but what he could not hear was the sound he longed to hear most. He checked the clock hanging on the wall opposite his bed. It should be any minute now…
    He eagerly checked the clock after every ten seconds, cracking his knuckles every now and then.
    Ah! There you are!

    James jumped out of his bed as the sound of Harry crying reached his ears. Hurriedly putting on his slippers, he dashed to the nursery right next to their own bedroom.

    Standing next to his crib, James smiled down at his son and cooed, “Hey little guy, come here… come to daddy.”

    James reached down and scooped his two month old son in his arms. Stepping away form the crib, he held Harry close to his chest and began to gently rock him back and forth. Harry’s cries subsided as he clung to James, his hands around his father’s neck, a tuft of hair held firmly in his chubby white fists. James smiled and inhaled deeply. He smells like his mother.
    After the first few weeks of Harry’s birth, James and Lily (mostly Lily though) both had spent sleepless nights looking after the new baby. But then Lily came up with the idea of taking turns and switching each other day. Of course, James had seemed a bit reluctant at first, but now strangely, James had begun to look forward to these nights alone with his baby. His baby.

    Holding his baby, his gift, his child so close to him, James felt a strange kind of happiness mingled with that knowing sense of responsibility, the kind you embrace with open arms. This was his family, his life and his love.

    Yes, some might say it is a challenge, to raise a family in these dangerous times, and James was perfectly aware of this, but he was willing to give it all he had.

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    Name: CMWinters
    House: Slytherin
    Title: Changes
    Warnings: None
    Words: 484

    If anyone had told Harry Potter when he was a student at Hogwarts that Severus Snape would evolve into a doting and adoring father, Harry would have recommended that person be checked for curses or injury. All the sneering, all the scorn; frankly, all the emotional abuse and psychological torture his students suffered in his classroom did not give anyone with the slightest shred of common sense the idea that Snape had the barest shred of attentive affection in him.

    Harry knew that to say "with his children, he's a changed man" would seem cliche, and indeed, that's not the way Harry would have chosen to describe his old teacher if pressed.

    Harry would have said that with his children, Severus Snape became a different person entirely.

    On the few occasions Harry had had to visit Spinner's End, he almost invariably found him with one of his children. Curled up on the couch reading a book as he pointed out the words; lying on the floor playing with toys, eyes wide with wonder; looking like a drowned rat after bathing his toddler or smoothing hair as he walked miles into the worn carpet. Only when helping the children with their schoolwork did the barest hint of the familiar persona of the "greasy git professor" make an appearance as he'd loom over them, arms crossed, brow furrowed in concentration. Nothing — not even their mother — could distract the man from his children and the sixth sense Snape had seemed to have when Harry was a student manifested itself seven-fold while at home; Harry had once seen Snape Apparate from the sitting room to the bedroom above when his daughter tripped and fell.

    Without his wand.

    Harry had made the mistake once — only once — of offering to bring food with him. Snape had turned such an enraged look of sneering contempt onto him that Harry had automatically reached for his wand. "They are MY children, Potter, and I am perfectly capable of providing for them," Snape had said, before pointedly standing between his children and Harry.

    "Right, note to self: the Snape children don't eat pizza!" Harry had hissed under his breath before going about his business.

    By odd contrast, however, at work Snape remained utterly unchanged, and in social situations behaved only marginally differently than before. He was still imposing, derisive and sarcastic. His wit was still so dry it made the Sahara look like paradise, a trait which Harry disturbingly discovered was being passed on to his children. Harry had occasion to bring up a conversation between himself and Ron Weasley, and Snape's eight year old son deadpanned "ah, now there's a man whose intellect I admire" with such aplomb that it took a full two seconds for Snape's shocked look of horror to fade to an appreciative smirk.

    Harry just groaned. Just what the world needed: two of them!

    This drabble is dedicated to my friend J, a friend of many years whom I had lost contact with, and is someone I never thought would turn into a doting and adoring father. gave me the lead for the deadpan; I'm recovering from food poisoning and it's first thing in the morning.

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    Name: SiriuslyMental
    House: Gryffindor
    Title: To Son, Love Dad
    Warnings: None
    Words: 499

    If there ever really was a moment that had changed my life completely, more so than marrying your mum or performing my first bit of magic, it was in having you.

    It sounds silly to you. If I was your mum or your nan or your Aunt Janice I could tell the world how much I love you, how happy it makes me to see you smile (you've just learnt that trick, you know). But I'm your dad, we're in England, and according to your granddad, it just isn't done.

    You know what? I'm going to say it anyways.

    I knew the minute I saw you that I loved you without question. I couldn't have cared less if you had green skin and four eyes and couldn't string two words together to save your life. I knew the minute you held my hand that I would gladly give my life to keep the spark in those blue eyes, so like your mum's. You're going to hate me for saying this when you get older, but you're beautiful. You're my life and my soul and if your granddad ever read this he'd have me shipped off to St Mungo's for a softness in the head. You've got to know how much I wanted to give you the world the minute I saw you swathed in blankets in your mum's arms. You've got to know how ready I was to lay down my life for this little blob of fluffy black hair that I hardly even knew.

    I had six different ways to begin this letter, because words can't even begin to describe how much I love you, how proud I am to have you as my son. In the years to come I'll be scaring the monsters from your closet and wiping your runny noses and tying shoe laces that will never stay in one proper knot. I'll be hearing your first words, seeing your first steps, giving you rides on your first toy broomstick. To say I'm looking forward to it is the understatement of the year.

    You know, when you first came out you looked so tiny, so terribly fragile. I was afraid touching you would break you into a million pieces. I can't take any of the credit; it was you what held my hand first. It was you that soothed my fears and you that taught me that, no matter how inexperienced or clueless I was, I could be your dad, and you'd love me for it all the same. It's you that I'm fighting for, it's you that I'm here for. It's you and your mum that make up my entire world and it's your laughter and your little hand to hold that makes my world turn. You're my beautiful, brave boy, Neville. You're my son. If this is softness in the head then I'd rather spend the rest of my life in St Mungo's with you than a lifetime without you. I love you.

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    Congratulations to everyone who posted a drabble! They were all so wonderful! Mith and Gato Loco had the hardest time choosing just three! XD

    However, let's all give a huge round of applause to the following for writing exceptional drabbles!

    1st: What's In A Name ~ mrsmcclnt
    2nd: The Right Words ~ h_vic
    3rd: To Son, Love Dad ~ SiriuslyMental

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    Otherwise, so long, and thanks for all the fish!

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    Congrats to all three of you! All of your drabbles were really good

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