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    Falco Aesalon


    For the Winter Challenge, I am going to use a plot bunny of mine. But, the problem is, I don't know one of characters enough to write him. Falco Aesalon was the first Animagus, am I correct? That is pretty much all that the books say about him, other than his name is Greek. What I would like to know, is, these questions, and, eventually, much more.

    *Did he go to Hogwarts?
    If so, what house was he in?
    What common traits did he have?
    Is he modest, or proud?

    Like I said, even more help you be appreciated.


    *Clairey Potter*

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    Did he go to Hogwarts?

    If his name is greek, he probably didn't attend hogwarts. Anyway, I beleive his chocolate frog card says hes from "ancient" greece, this usually refers to the period beginning at the end of the archaic period (750 BC) and ending with the roman conquest (somwere around 140-something BC i think). If Jo was following the same definition of ancient greece, then i think its safe to assume that hogwarts did not exist yet, according to cannon, it was founded "over 1000 years ago". If it was any much closer to the time needed for him to have gone to hogwarts, I think they would have said 2000. But thats just my opinion

    any answers to you other questions would be pure speculation, although you may be able to assume that he may have been courageous or foolhardy or even intellegent and powerful enough to become the first animagus (something that is still considered extremely difficult, even with instructions). Or if you want to force a house on him, those traits do sound like Gryffindor. Hope this helps!

    P.S. I always thought it was spelt nee, not ni

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    Pheonix Tears
    Did he go to Hogwarts?

    Okay lets say for the purpose of the story he did! Maybe he was one of the first pupils to arrive there? And from day one, a firm sense of intilect was drummed into him. Maybe Ravenna choose him and saw him for the intelligent boy he was oooh maybe he was her favourite! I really have to stop getting carried away . . .

    If so, what house was he in?

    I really believe Ravenclaw. According to the Famous Wizard card on Jo's website, Ravenna was:

    "... best remembered for her intelligence and creativity."

    What says animagus better than creativity? And of course as king_to_pine said, he would've had to be very intelligent. Think of all the known animagii (No idea what the plural is) McGonagall - well known for being intelligent and having guts, The Maurauders - they founded the map! Oh and Rita Skeeter - Okay so shes horrible! But she's still intelligent enough to carry it off, oh and shes a journalist which in my book gives her extra credit
    And if my little theory up above about Falco being Ravennas favourite could work! Maybe she gave him extra lessons and help him!?

    What common traits did he have?

    I bet he's the sort of person I hate. Snobby, superior, making you feel like its a privelidge to even be around him and in his presence, and that he's always one step above everyone else. Maybe Ravenna was giving him coaching and then he decided that he wanted to do something which would put his name on the map, do something that she couldn't or hadn't attempted.
    Oh and I'd say he was brave, or plucky. Again all the animagii, Rita Skeeter faced the wrath of Dumby and Hermione when she was explicitly banned from Hogwarts, Maurauders, well when were they ever not brave and McGonagall, being stunned anyone?

    Is he modest, or proud?

    Proud! When he realised he could do it, he told everyone and did a million and one transformations for people to watch and come and see how amazing he was.

    Urmmm . . . wow long post.

    This was fun
    Hope I helped!
    - Elle

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