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Thread: School Dances

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    School Dances

    Do you think it is possible that they would have other school dances at Hogwarts besides the Yule Ball? I really want to have a Sadie Hawkins dance in a fiction that I am planning, but I don't want to put it in if it isn't likely to happen. This is placed around this year, if that would help anything.

    And one more thing: How would the Head go around announcing it? It would be sometime between Christmas and Easter, so would he (or she) just announce it during lunch or dinner or something, or would they post it in each CR?

    Thank you all in advance,

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    All too often in fanfic, writers decide to throw in a masquerade ball or something like that just to get two characters together - primarily in Lily/James and Draco/Hermione fics. Readers find it cliched, uncanon and annoying, as in canon, the only ball we know of is the Yule Ball. However: there could have been balls during Harry's first three years, to which he wouldn't have been allowed to go, if the fourth-years-and-above-only rule from GoF was in place. And: Molly and Arthur etc. didn't seem too surprised that the kids needed to take dress robes, which suggests to me that it's normal to take dress robes and they must have occasions to wear them.

    So, I would say that it is possible that there are other dances. Just be careful you don't go into cliche territory. If your fic is original and realistic, I don't think people would have a problem with it. (I don't know what a Sadie Hawkins dance is, so I don't know if that would be realistic. If it's a British thing, it would be fine, I think.)

    As for how the head would announce it... from memory, McGonagall told the Gryffs about the Yule Ball in class, I think, and presumably the other Heads of Houses told their houses as well. So I'd do that. I'm not sure about it though.

    I hope that helps you!

    ~ Chelsea

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    There isn't anything in canon to suggest that dances are commonplace. It seems like Hogsmeade trips are the extent of any school sponsored romantic/fun opportuinty. That doesn't mean that it couldn't happen, however. I know I've seen several fics that involve exactly what you're talking about.

    To me, school dances in fanfiction have always seemed like-- for lack of a better word-- unimaginative. It seems like something from real (muggle) life inserted into the wizard world. Why would the new headmaster (or headmistress) all of a sudden decide to incorporate a muggle tradition into the school year? I understand how diffucult it is to write a whimsical story about the wizarding world while avoiding both 1. inventing too many crazy wizard traditions/species/ etc. and 2. using too many out of place muggle tradtions/etc.

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    Ghoul in Pajamas
    Quote Originally Posted by 40socks
    There isn't anything in canon to suggest that dances are commonplace. It seems like Hogsmeade trips are the extent of any school sponsored romantic/fun opportuinty. That doesn't mean that it couldn't happen, however. I know I've seen several fics that involve exactly what you're talking about.
    Dances have become sort of cliche in fanfic, and it doesn't really go with canon. If you need a way to pair two characters, maybe use Hogsmeade to do it. You can have the girl invite the guy, like the Sadie Hawkins Dance, and it will go with canon better.

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    Well, I've seen those masquerades in FF, and I didn't like it. I just want to put it into the fic I'm planning, and it's not the central part; it's just a side plot, one or two chapters for the whole thing, learning about it to the ending.

    And for anyone who is wondering (because I don't know if they use a different phrase in different areas of the world), a Sadie Hawkins dance is simply a dance where the girls ask the guys, instead of vice-versa. I want to mainly focus, for this bit of time that I'll be using it, on the character finding the courage to ask her crush to the dance.


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    Amanda Vega
    A dance, when it's written well, and it fits, and the purpose isn't just to smoosh two characters together via masquerade, then it's fine. Your idea sounds like it would work just fine.

    However, I believe Sadie Hawkins is a strictly American tradition. Unless your fic took place in America (and it doesn't sound like it!) then a Sadie Hawkins wouldn't make much sense.

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    Sadie Hawkins

    Sadie Hawkins Daance, in my khaki pants! There's nothing better! Oh! Oh! Oh!
    Good song.
    But with that, I don't think that "Sadie Hawkins" is very popular, I know what it is, but my school has never had one. As well, I thik it's very American. However, a "Girl's Choice" I believe is very popular. It wouldn't be called Girl's Choice, but it would be known that it is one. For instance, this Saturday is my school's WInter Formal.

    And Winter Formal is Girl's Choice. So though we've never had a Sadie Hawkin's, we do have Winter Formal every year. And if you've read Twilight, Bella is very annoyed by the Spring Dance, because she keeps getting asked, when it's Girl's Choice and she really doesn't want to go.

    So just something like "Spring Ball" (You did say around Easter right?) being on a large flyer in the CR, with "Girl's Choice" written at the bottom would work.

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    I don't know, the Yule Ball to me seemed a special tradition, a tri-wizard thing. Dances does not seem the norm. Though it might be cool that instead of having a dance at the school, their could be a dance in Hogsmeade. A festival they always have (you could research local festivals in scotland), but that year they decide to have a dance. It could be on a Hogsmeade weekend, and the school knows about it and is OK. It could be a really cool outside dance in the afternoon. A chance to wear sun dresses and causal attire. I mean it wouldn't be formal, but unique I think.

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    My my, how almost a propos that I find this thread! LOL!

    I have a spring dance fic written, but it definitely does not serve to get any pairing together. So, hope it won't seem cliche.

    (My first little foray into Harry Potter Fan fiction is in the queue - I have to get that validated and posted first, before I try posting this dance thing up).

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    Just to clear this up - I am certain the Yule Ball was strictly a Triwizard thing. No one had ever mentioned one before or after that, and the students acted as if it was something out of the ordinary by the level of excitement going round. Also, even if Harry had not been allowed to attend, there would have been mention of it somewhere. The twins would have been going, or Percy, or something. So unless you're having a Triwizard story, I'd say any kind of ball or dance at Hogwarts would be extremely uncommon.

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