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Thread: When Sirius Escaped...

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    When Sirius Escaped...

    How many people in the OotP knew the truth about where Sirius was? Like, immediately after everyone found out that he was at Hogwarts, how many people did Dumbledore tell?

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    red haired mom
    He sent Sirius to "...alert Remus, Arabella Figg, Mundungus Fletcher, the old crowd. Lie low at Lupin's for a while; I will contact you there." page- 713, GoF Chapter thirty six The Parting of the Ways. American paperback edition

    Sometime after that, whenever Dumbledore contacted them, Sirius offered the House at Grimmauld Place for the Headquarters. When people started showing up is when I would think they found out.

    I can't imagine telling people willy nilly about it. Only the ones they trusted enough with the secret of knowing where the Headquarters was located.

    Hope that helped,

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    Thanks very much.

    So Molly and Arthur weren't part of the "old crowd" were they? But they did find out when Sirius was in the castle about to be kissed, did they not?

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    Molly and Arthur were not a part of the Order during Voldemort's first rise. And neither of them knew anything about Sirius being innocent in the course of PoA.

    At the end of GoF, in the hospital wing, Mrs Weasley is surprised to see Sirius, still believing him at that time to be a mad mass murderer. Ron tells her not to worry, that it's all OK, etc. She doesn't get the whole story at that time, but it's safe to say that Arthur, at least, doesn't find out anything until either a) Mrs Weasley tells him something AFTER that encounter or b) when the Order starts to gather at Grimmauld Place (I suppose) and everyone gets the nice long explanation about Sirius's innocence.


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    Okayyy, there's where I was confused. Thanks for that bit. I just needed to know when Molly and Arthur found out. Thanks so much guys

    EDIT: Okay, when Ron mentioned Sirius in the Hospital Wing to Molly, why were they there? Was it because of Harry's exposure to the Dementors?

    <<Sorry if this is OT!>>

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    It's in GoF after Harry's returned from the Third Task. He's already been up to Dumbledore's office, where he met Sirius, and told Dumbledore and Sirius what happened in the graveyard with Voldemort, and then all three of them go down to the Hospital Wing. Mrs Weasley, Bill, Ron and Hermione are there as well, and Sirius goes as Padfoot.

    Harry falls asleep at first with the potion, though nothing has been revealed at this time concerning Sirius. When he wakes back up, it's to have Fudge there and Dumbledore and McGonagall talking about how Voldemort can't be back, Crouch Jr. was given the Kiss, etc. After Fudge leaves (and I think McGonagall does as well, but I'm not sure), then that's when Dumbledore tells Sirius to transform back into his human self, where Mrs Weasley has her reaction (as does Snape, but that's another story).


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