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    I've been thinking about this for a long time - Are there werecats in the Harry Potter world? I know there are werewolves, but the Mugglenet Encyclopedia doesn't have them in it. I was wondering because I was going to make a girl in one of my WIPs a werecat, but I wasn't sure if they exist in the "Harry Potter World." Could it be possible?


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    Hi There!
    I'm sorry I couldn't be more helpful with this, but I checked the Lexicon and they weren't in there. Of course not everything in there is up to date but I don't recall JKR ever mentioning them either. So, I don't think they exist in Potterverse, but don't quote me

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    Noel Weasley
    Well, there's no prove that they exist, but there isn't any proof that they don't exist. Like Nargles. No proof either way. It's mostly up to you with it, but just asking, how would there be a werecat? A werewolf bitting a cat and the wolf never really got to kill the cat? Genetic mutation? Rare virus? Or maybe it drank a flying cows milk while the cow was being painted lime green by house-elves? I really think that it's up to you.


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    Werecats are, as mentioned above, not mentioned within the Harry Potter books. However, that is no reason to assume they do not exist. I would assume that they are in a distinct minority, judging by their lack of reference in the books, but they are a fantasy creature, and hence could well exist in the Potter world. Therefore, to include them in a story would not be uncanon, yet to suggest that the magical world is full of them would be rather uncanon. If you're dealing with one - who is obviously a rarity - then that's fine. When two or more start showing up (bearing in mind we've only met one werewolf) then things are sliding in dear Mary Sue's direction.

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    Personally, I think that is completely possible. Sure, it isn't mention, but then again, neither are flobberworms, and they exist!(check Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them) But instead of a full moon, I would have a cresent moon as the transforming object of a werecat, and as long as they don't go into the moonlight, they won't be affected by the transformation.

    I also think that you would have to give something that would be the reason werecats aren't as well known, such as they aren't even known to exist, or they can turn into the color of the background.

    To add on, I did some research, and werecats in Europe are said to be more related to domestic cats, instead of lions and tigers. They were often labeled as witches, but only had one power, the power of transformation. So, you could have your character excel in transfiguration!

    Sorry to blabber on about this, and I hope this helps you with your fic!

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    Werecats would be a great leap of faith and if I were you.. I wouldn't take it.
    Is it strategically crucial to your story that.. Astra's sister, I believe, is a werecat?

    Because you see, werewolves make sense as a mythical item because they are quite frightening! Wolves are violent, blood-thirsty creatures to begin with and, combined with the notion that they could walk among us and worse yet - spread their curse, they become a terror that transcends languages and generations.

    Cats just don't inspire the same kind of horror. Can you imagine a werecat tearing a person to shreds?

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    Is it strategically crucial to your story that.. Astra's sister, I believe, is a werecat?

    Well, I did have it as Astra, but I changed it to someone else in the story...and yes it kinda is crucial - it has to do with the plot in a lot of places.

    I did use most of lunareclipse's ideas, they were really great, thanks!!

    Anyway, I just thought I'd let you all know this. If there's anymore help you guys can give me, thanks in advance. (And I'm still asking if others would think it was possible, too.)


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    Well, I do beta for someone who actually has a werecat in their story, used quite well. Just do a search on MNFF for "Serpent in the Moonlight" and it should pop right up.

    I think that, as long as this character is reasonably well flawed, and is not stunning and brilliant at everything, then it could work, but it will take a lot of effort.

    Make sure you make it clear that it really is an oddity - maybe you could have it as a new strain of some sort of virus?


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