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Thread: Molly Weasley

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    First off, is this story DH canon compliant? If yes, then I don't see Charlie adding a sword to his mother's heart. The Weasley boys are nothing if not protective of their mother's happiness. Granted, Fred and George defied Molly in creating their shop against her wishes, but even so, they knew she'd be proud of them eventually-- and she was, wasn't she?

    If Charlie marries without notifying his mother, there must be a very plausible reason. Didn't he think planning a wedding might make Molly happy for a bit? Why the haste? Of course, I ask this, because Charlie has more tact than to want to marry so soon after his brother's death. So... some time has to have passed. Why the concealment? Why the exclusion of his family?

    But I digress.

    Molly would be surprised. There would be tears, I imagine. Arthur would be the calm and rational one. He'd be the one asking the questions, along with the other family members. Molly would be sitting there, looking at and studying his son's wife...

    There would be no hostility. Just a small tempest of tears and then, tenderness. Molly is an affectionate mother. After Fred's death, I imagine her maternal instincts only became more tenacious-- forgiving, loving, generous.

    Of course she will welcome Charlie's wife and stepchildren with open arms. This is Molly Prewett Weasley. If Bellatrix is the queen of snobbery, Molly is the queen of compassion. She might be even proud of Charlie, for loving a woman and her 'luggage'.

    I think she only ever scolds the twins and Ron. To her older sons, she seems a little in awe. She seems resigned that they had long let go of her apron strings. Consider her stoic treatment of Bill's hair and earrings and Percy's desertion. She only cajoled and cried here, respectively. In the latter, we know it was Arthur who exploded, when it could and should well have been Molly.

    Still, whether she gives Charlie and his wife the cold shoulder or not depends on Charlie's rationale. So we go back to the questions I rattled off above. Not being included in the wedding and not being told of it beforehand seems petty reasons to snob a son for a mother who has lost another.

    There will be some hurt and awkwardness, yes, but it will be small, and will not be allowed to fester on both sides. We know Molly, and I won't believe a Charlie who will marry a woman unlike his mother in wisdom and warmth, if not in girth.

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    What do you think Mrs. Weasley's reaction would be. Would she be angry with Charlie for going off, getting married, and not even telling anyone. Or do you think she'd just be quite all through Christmas. I see Molly as the type who would get very vocal about this, but I don't exactly see her instantly welcoming Charlie's new family with open arms.
    I think that she would be a bit shocked and annoyed at Charlie for not telling her about it earlier. After getting over the shock, she will be very happy for Charlie, if not a bit disappointed that she wasn't able to plan the wedding.

    As for welcoming the family...she would like to meet them properly before making a judgement. If they seem like nice enough people and it's obvious that Charlie's wife is in fact as deeply in love with him as Charlie is to her, Molly should have no problem.

    It's like the thing with Bill and Fleur. At first Molly didn't really get along with Fleur, but after Bill was mauled, Fleur said to Molly that she didn't care about Bill's looks and she still wanted to marry him (she was quite affronted at Molly's remark). Molly then realised that they were deeply in love, so she opened up her heart to Fleur. It would go the same to Charlie's new family.

    I hope I didn't ramble on too much!


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    I am writing a fic involving Bill and when he was attacked by Greyback.

    I need to know how would Molly have told Bill of Dumbledore's death?

    In my story I have her and Fleur at his bedside when he wakes up asking questions and demands to see Dumbledore.

    Would Molly have said Dumbledore died or was killed? Would she have told him it was Snape who did it, or tried to get him to rest and waited until he was stronger to tell him what happened?

    I doubt Bill would have settled for anything but the complete story, but how would Molly have told him?

    Thanks so much. I am stuck on this one point.
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    I think I can help on this one

    Molly has always been the type of character who likes to shield everyone. As a mother, she has an obligation to protect her children, and spare them from learning grisley details that she feels they are unready for. Take the example in Book 5 where she insists Harry is too young to join the Order. She doesn't want him learning anything that he doesn't need to know, and cuts both Sirius and Lupin off before they reveal the complete story.

    I can see her doing the same with Bill. Even though he would be an adult in your story, he is in an obviously delicate condition. I would think Mrs. Weasley would cater to making sure he is well enough to hear the truth when he is ready. However, Mrs. Weasley doesn't necessarily handle death well. It could be very hard for her to keep her emotions on hold, and it might slip out. I think you could get away with having Fleur break the news to him, and have Mrs. Weasley angrily cut her off before she reveals the entire story.

    I hope I helped! Good luck!


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    Quote Originally Posted by mudbloodproud
    I am writing a fic involving Bill and when he was attacked by Greyback.

    I need to know how would Molly have told Bill of Dumbledore's death?

    In my story I have her and Fleur at his bedside when he wakes up asking questions and demands to see Dumbledore.

    Would Molly have said Dumbledore died or was killed? Would she have told him it was Snape who did it, or tried to get him to rest and waited until he was stronger to tell him what happened?

    I doubt Bill would have settled for anything but the complete story, but how would Molly have told him?

    Thanks so much. I am stuck on this one point.
    I agree that Molly would initially try to shield Bill, and fuss and simper over him.

    I also think that Bill would say "look, I'm a grown man" at some point if it became necessary.

    But Molly was in the Order with Snape and was quite well aware he was a spy and a Death Eater. Further, Snape taught all of her children, two of whom were Head Boy (Bill & Percy), one of whom was Quidditch captain (Charlie), two of whom went off to start an EXTREMELY lucrative business based in large part on Potions making (the twins), and one of whom was Prefect (Ron). She just seems the type to assume a person like that is family (I can totally see her sending him a sweater at Christmas, for example, but not with a big green S on it!). I personally think she would have reasonably quickly admitted that Dumbledore was dead, but then I think she would have prevaricated on the circumstances. "Well . . . you know, of course everyone's emotional at a time like this and who can blame them . . . not that I don't believe Harry, of course, but nobody else saw it . . . and you know how he is, dear, about Professor Snape . . . but, well . . . Harry says he saw Snape do it. I'm just not sure what to think," or some such.

    I just don't see her jumping right out and saying "that traitor Snape" or something. Even Lupin seemed to want to know what Snape had to say in DH, and Lupin especially would have heard tell of Snape's crimes from the werewolves when he went undercover. For that matter, Lupin was half-defending Snape in the Hospital Wing, and he didn't like Snape in the first place!

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    Originally, a thread questioning what Molly Weasley's Patronus would be was posted in the Reference desk, but I though it could find a useful spot here. It may even provoke some discussion.

    Originally posted by: OliveOil_Med

    My guess is that it would be an animal known for being a wonderful mother and having a lot of young at a time.

    Animals that come to mind
    Chicken (mother hen)
    A mare (like Ginny's)
    Duck or Goose
    Originally posted by: MC Kair

    I agree with the person that said a bear. Bears are generally very protective of their cubs and their territory so, I think that's a great idea.

    Here is another suggestion a cougar or a lynx. A cougar because (here is an interesting fact) when it leaves tracks, it rarely shows the claws. A female cougar is also known to have a distict scream that is described as "nerve-wracking and terror-striking". I think this sort of relates to Molly when she gets angry or upset.
    Originally posted by: Black_Dust

    Bear- They may look all soft and cuddlely but if you threaten their young they will defend themsleves and their young ("NOT MY DAUGTHER, YOU..." ) Otherwise though, bears are very peaceful and would perfer not to fight. Just like Molly, who stayed back and worked "behind the scenes" with the Order of the Phoniex instead of fighting on the front lines.

    Cougar- I like what MC Kair said about them, it all makes sense. I especially like the part about the claws and how they don't make marks. It's like their hiding their dangerous side just like how Molly appears so sweet. Push her the wrong way though...I think her anger could be just as effective as claws

    Lioness- Again, they live in packs so they have big family and they are protective mothers who do a lot of work taking care of everyone (like with the hunting and such.) I think lions have retractable claws right? So then what MC Kair and then I said about the claws would apply here as well. And don't forget, Gryffindor's symbol is a lion so if you want (or don't want) to put emphsis on Molly's Gryffindorness you should keep that in mind.

    Dragon- I like the idea of the dragon and agree with what everything Johan was saying about them. They are very protective of itheir young as we all know and also have very fiery tempers.

    My suggestion is maybe a wolf

    Wolf-- They live in big family groups and take care of each other. The Alpha female is quite protective if provoked and can be the most dominate wolf in the group (instead of the Alpha Male be the very top dog, the Aplha female might be)

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    I know sea lions are very aggressive when their young is threatened so that might fit Molly, but I imagine Molly's Patronus as cat, though. Cats have many kittens in a litter, care for them, and protect them. I also like the idea of Molly's Patronus as a cat. Although, that does contrast with Arthur's Patronus. Arg! Why do I always debate with myself? (Don't answer that.)


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    Yes, and let not forget; Umbridge's Patronus is a CAT! *shudder* J.K. herself changed Hermione's middle name from Jane to Jean so she wouldn't have the same middle name as that woman.

    I doubt someone as sweet and wonderful as Molly Weasley would have the same Patronus as Dolores. Even though it may have nothing to do with their personalities, just the thought of them sharing anything makes me cringe!

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    Well, if I'm not mistaken Ginny's was a galloping horse, and given that Patronus
    (Patroni(?)) tend to repeat through bloodlines, and Ginny is the only other girl for countless generations, a horse could be a good way to go!

    I looked at different places and saw nothing mentioned anywhere, so you have a lot of play, however!

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    The problem picking a Patronus for Molly(or any character really) is that the Patronus takes a form based on the personality and emotions of the caster. Take Tonks, for example. Her Patronus changed(I don't remember what it was first) to a werewolf in HBP because of her love of Lupin. I think we can all agree that Tonks does not have a very werewolf like personality. Most of the animals suggested, like the lioness, bear, cougar, and wolf, are predatory animals. They are protective of their young, yes, and even violently so, but Molly is far from having a predatory personality.

    Personally, I think of Molly as having a more toned down Patronus. A motherly animal that provides for her family in the most dedicated way. A cat, even some sort of dog. The orangutan is a very motherly monkey but I also think that the meerkat is a good choice too. Ultimately though, I'd have to pick a mare.

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