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Thread: Molly Weasley

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    Bear in mind, too, that Molly eloped with Arthur, and appears to have done so right out of high school.

    Wizards are considered of age at 17. Yes, the Weasleys were overprotective of the underage Ginny—almost ridiculously so—but if, when this story takes place, Ginny is legally an adult, I think she's unlikely to tolerate being treated like a child. She doesn't tolerate it very well when she is a child. And if she's already out of school, she's fairly likely to tell Molly to get stuffed, quite possibly in so many words.

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    You could also go the way of creating a law that makes it illegal to cast a spell on someone without their consent - I mean, think about it. Otherwise, you could just walk around Stupefying people. So if there was a law like that, and Ginny was overage, she could just say "No, that's not going to happen," and be done with it.


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    That's a good thought—it certainly adds an extra law against the Unforgiveables and ("in theory") teaches people to stop hexing and jinxing each other; you'd have to make provisions for medical care, self-defence, emergencies and the like, but I think minors would still be subject to spells their parents or guardians cast on them.

    Which, again, is ameliorated by Ginny being an adult.

    Harry was 17 almost 18 at the end of the "last battle", therefore Ginny was 16 almost 17. Assuming that Harry & Ginny darted off to Godric's Hollow "as fast as they could" within reason, there still would need to be time for the house to be built. Even with Elf Magic, that's likely to take quite some time.

    I'm assuming with Book 7 disregarded Dobby is still alive. But the house was "destroyed" when the Dark Lord's curse rebounded, so there's not a Godric's Hollow to go to for a while, unless Harry dispatches Dobby to repair it long before the end of Ginny's sixth year.

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    red haired mom
    Harry is 17/18 that summer and Ginny is 16/17.

    The house hadn't been completely destroyed and it has since been fixed. Dobby is thrilled to be useful, so he takes care of Grimmauld Place and Godric's Hollow. Plus even though he technically works for Harry, he is happy to watch over the two of them for Molly.

    Ginny will only take the 'threat' until her birthday, but until then, she is still under her mother's thumb. At least as much as she ever was.

    Thanks a lot guys. You are really helping me a lot.

    I think I have enough to go on now, but by all means, let's continue to discuss Molly. I think she's a great character who deserves her spot in this section.

    Thanks again,

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    Squib Kitten
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    red haired mom
    I think she would react like any understanding mother would.

    First she would sit Hermione down and discuss it all with her, and explain very carefully that Hermione is pregnant. During the conversation she would find out who the father is, and then make all the placating noises she could.

    She would let Hermione know that the entire Weasley family would stand behind her and help her in any way possible.

    Then she would send Hermione to take a nap, so as not to tire herself out.

    As soon as Hermione was out of the room, she would Apparate straight to the father's home, or work, and curse, jinx, and hex him into a oil slick on the ground for messing with one of her babies.

    I know I have more to say on this, but it will have to wait for later. That is the jist for now though.


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    queen fan
    Is Hermione married in this?

    If she is, I don't think Molly would be mad. She would be happy for Hermione, and give her a bunch of advice.

    If she isn't, Molly would definetely be mad. She would first be extremely mad at Hermione and might not talk to her for a little while. Then, she would come to her senses and realize that Hermione needs help and guidance, and then help her. Molly would still be mad at Hermione and give her glares, but as she does treat Hermione like one of her own, she would help her.

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    How do you think she would react upon discovering Hermione is pregnant?
    I've always seen Molly as a bit old fashioned and up tight. I sincerely doubt that she would immediately be happy for Hermione if she became pregnant outside of wedlock. I think she would be furious at first. It's quite possible that in her fury she wouldn't realize that Hermione didn't know she was pregnant, and was using 'stomach flu' as an excuse to hide it. I think Molly might come right out and say that she knew what Hermione was hiding, but Hermione would get really confused, then as it went on, Hermione would figure it out. What a shock that would be!

    I think that Molly would rant about Hermione being irresponsible, and would give her the cold shoulder for a while. I think she would also think that Hermione should get married to the father straight away, because the child would need stability.

    But, after time passed, or perhaps it wouldn't take that much time, Molly's heart would began to soften. Perhaps after Hermone finds out, she can be really scared, and that would get to Molly. She would realize that Hermione needed her now, more than ever, and she would put her angry feelings aside and help Hermione through this. If Hermione didn't seem scared, or Molly was too angry too see it, Arthur would point out to her about Hermione needing her. He's her husband; she'd listen to him.

    How she would help her depends on a lot of things. What were the circumstances with the guy? Did the guy in anyway pressure her (and if she found out this, I think she might do what Wendy (red haired mom) said she would do - go in hex the creep, even though Harry might beat her to it)? If the guy was half-way decent (or at least at the surface), even though, she would still want Hermione to get married to this guy, just because the baby would need a father. However, if she learned that the guy was scum, say, during their engagement, she would put a stop to it. She would tell him they'd do quite fine without him.

    But if she knew the guy-say, the guy was Harry (I have no idea who the father is, so I'm just taking a wild stab at it, but the scenario would work for others she knew as well)-I think she would be very disappointed in both of them. After the anger I was talking about passed, she would sit them both down and basically tell them what they needed to do, what was best for them, and more importantly, best for the baby (because she's going to feel like that baby's her grandchild and she wants what is best for him/her).

    So, to sum up, I think a first Molly would be angry and over-bearing, and maybe that would be all Hermione could see, but after a while, as they both began to soften or by some open confessional, Hermione would come to see that Molly doesn't hate her and doesn't hate her baby. She loves them. Just some mother's show their love in strange ways, and that's how Molly is.

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    Maybe someone can help me with Molly's reaction to a certain situation involving her dear son, Charlie.

    We know Molly Weasley loves her family very much, but also that she doesn't seem like the type who would be pleased with surprises involving her family. I'm working on a story where Charlie comes home for the Weasley family Christmas and he when he gets there, he tells the family that he has a surprise. It turns out the surprise is his wife who he met in Romania, along with two new stepchildren.

    What do you think Mrs. Weasley's reaction would be. Would she be angry with Charlie for going off, getting married, and not even telling anyone. Or do you think she'd just be quite all through Christmas. I see Molly as the type who would get very vocal about this, but I don't exactly see her instantly welcoming Charlie's new family with open arms.

    What do you all think her reaction would be? What about Arthur, how would he react to Molly's behavior, whatever it may be.

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