Dear HP fans of America, England and beyond,

I am currently writing a fic about the aftermath of the Battle of Hogwarts and the following year, with intent to make it into a series spanning the entire 19 years between the last "normal" chapter of DH and the epilogue. The story is at a point where it is a few days after Fred's funeral, and our favorite overprotective mother is going about coping with Fred's death in the wrong way. The problem is, I don't know what unhealthy coping method she would use, as opposed to constantly crying, refusing to eat and losing sleep (which is probably another fanfic cliche). I tossed around the idea of the "let them go so if something happens it doesn't hit as hard" method by Molly taking Harry and Ginny aside and giving Harry permission to sleep in Ginny's room (while remaining abstinent), essentially acknowledging that Ginny was an adult and was able to take care of herself. (Did I mention that she's still 16 at this time?) However, this didn't sit well, and made me afraid of being rejected for OOC-ness, partly because of Molly, but also because of Harry and Ginny's reaction to it. Does anyone have a suggestion, either of a way to clarify my original idea for a coping method or of an entirely different one?