I noticed that among all of the minor character threads, one for our dear Astronomy professor was not present. Hence, this thread...

As little of what we see of this character, (she is only mentioned twice in the entire series, poor woman.) we can determine a little bit about her.

I am writing a Snape/Sinistra story and though her first name on the Lexicon is Aurora, I named her Vesper instead. Personally, I think it sounded better. Also, because of the very little information given to us about her, I have taken the liberty of practically creating a personality for this canonical character.

-All in all, do you think that Sinistra is an important character, even if she is rarely ever mentioned?

-Do you think she has more to do with the story than what is mentioned?

-What type of personality do you think Sinistra would have?

-Finally, what House would she be best suited for (based on your own opinions) and why?