Argh! I asked this before but was told that I was very general. So now I'm back, in need of information, and with a set time period.

Around 550 A.D - Wizards hadn't gone into hiding yet, correct? How do you think they would have lived?

What was the lifestyle in general like - of wizards AND Muggles around that time? What kinds of names would fit? Would a name like Martha be suitable for a Muggle girl? What about last names? Clothes? Hair?

I've researched this quite a lot, but I'd like some other POVs and opinions and facts before I officially get started.

EDIT: I know the 'd' should be capital in that's midnight, gimme a break...

EDIT2: Maia - thanks, that link was helpful. I dunno why I never find those sorts of things while researching.

Fauna - WOW! Thanks so much! What you wrote is basically what I couldn't find online at all! I'm gonna copy and paste everything you said into Word, because it's exactly what I need!