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Thread: Ravenclaws Race for the Snitch!

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    Ravenclaws Race for the Snitch!

    Off We Go Rah Rah Ravenclaw!

    You know the drill -
    Write 100 word drabbles,
    Play nice,
    Beta eachother's work,
    Support Team Turnip
    Ready, Set, Go!

    Thousands of voices on the bleachers above meld into a vibrating hum - the kind you hear near a beehive.
    Each of those voices has at least one pair of eyes, they are all looking at you - worse yet - many of those voices are clad in Puddlemere blue and yellow.
    Bathed in golden light, blues and yellows glared at yellows and greens.

    Good thing they’re all wandless.

    "This is it, half-pint," Gwen said, sounding as motherly as Gwenog Jones could probably muster.
    With a faint rustle of robes and some coughing, the Harpies set off for the pitch.
    100 words

    All team members and spectators are welcome to subscribe to the forum or check back very often.
    Have fun!

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    *Tash hops on her broom* Okay, so we're going with present tense for description and past for speech? Haven't tried that before, so this will be a new experience...

    “I’m not that small,” Ginny argued, amongst the roar of the spectators.

    Gwen smiles at her. “We’ll see how you fly today, half-pint,” she said teasingly. She moves to the front of the line so she can shake hands with the Puddlemere captain.

    The two captains square off, and Ginny watches the Snitch flutter high to escape the clutches of those who are going to Seek it. She doesn’t focus on the Snitch for long, but instead looks at the Quaffle in the referee’s hands. Her eyes follow it into the sky as it is thrown. Then the whistle blows.
    100 Words

    (psst, Willow, you're missing a comma after 'half-pint' in Gwen's dialogue.)


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    *drumroll* Hannah leaps on to her broom and is off! Her broom is rather new, so let's hope she can adjust to it and not fall off!

    Both teams rise in the air and the game has begun. Ginny ducks her broom below the rest of the team, searching for an open spot she could fly to at her opponents end. In the midst of scanning, a bludger whizzes past her ear.

    "Half-pint! You gotta watch it!" Gwen screams, having been watching from behind. Speeding over to the referee, she began pointing wildly at Puddlmere United's Beater. The referee shook her head, throwing the captain into a rage.

    "He's after my Chaser! He's not even bothering with the rest of the game!" Her face contorted with fury.
    100 words

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    Amanda Vega
    *hops on* yay dissappearance of pain... ness! my broom is very old, and very ricketly, and it doesn't fly too well, I don't think, as I've sadly never used it before...

    The crowd isn’t too happy about the whole affair: for one, both they and the players are wandless; and two, the referee, somehow, does. If only Puddlemere and the Harpies didn’t have such a long-standing rivalry, maybe it would have been better.

    Maybe. But not much.

    Ginny watches Gwenog argue animatedly with the referee. The crowd jeers at them, the supporters of each team yelling out their respective opinions. Ginny smiles. Maybe I should interfere…

    Gwen is an inch away from getting physical. On second thought, this is much more entertaining that what I am supposed to be doing.
    99 words [:

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    *squee!!* Amanda's back!! *sends forth a pot of korean turnip soup*
    *Willow mounts the old-faithful Cleansweep*
    Up above, near the heavens, a semi-transparent, but tangible hand crumbled undercooked pudding. “Ahh, it’s breezy up here…” reflected the hand’s beholder, smoothing out the garish flowers on his housecoat.
    “And very, very chaotic down there!” the ethereal hand threw a handful of pudding in the game’s general direction. “Shall I swoop downstairs and meet the ladies? But of course! I don’t even come empty-handed – I’ve a picnic!”

    Icarus Tilley flicked something out of his eyes – it burned and smelled strongly of liquor. “Hey, pretty boy!” a cocky voice called from above. I imagined that. I absolutely did... thought Tilley.
    100 Words =)

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    *is a smidgen confused* Is that Tilley's thoughts at the end? If so, they shouldn't be in speech marks and there should be some sort of clarifiacation at the end. Sort of like, 'he thought'. Oh, and you're missing a full stop at the end there. Okay, that's enough from my inner beta from now...things are started to get interesting!

    However, Tilley wasn’t the only person to notice that something strange was going on. Ginny had the Quaffle neatly tucked underneath her arm and was soaring towards the goal post when a loud cackle broke her concentration. Surprised, she quickly engaged the brake on her broom so she didn’t accidentally crash into the stands. However, her sudden halt caused the Quaffle to slip through her fingers and into the waiting hands of a Puddlemere Chaser.

    “Pay attention to the game!” Gwen screamed as she flew past Ginny.

    Ginny looked up at the sky. “I think I’m hearing things,” she whispered.
    100 words


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    Not quite sure of herself, Hannah takes the quaffle, contemplating for a moment what to do with it.

    In the stands, a small man with grey hair was eating popcorn. After jumping up to cheer for the Harpies and spilling his Chocolate Frogs, he sat firmly glued to his seat. Literally.

    "Sticky, sticky" a cackling voice whispered in his ear. The man tried to turn around in his seat to see who it was, but was cemented to the seat by the glue. Figuring it must be too crowded to move, he didn't think anything of it.

    Meanwhile, Ginny scored a goal. The man tried to jump up to cheer, but instead jarred his kneecaps.

    "ARG!" he cried.
    100 words.


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    Amanda Vega
    Amanda stares oddly at the goalposts, contemplating what the point of them is.

    Suddenly, the entire half of the stadium the supported the Harpies well quite. Without warning. Oddly enough, the volume level of the cheering did not change at all, but instead of the indecipherable babble it had been before, it was quite easy to pick out screams of "Puddlemere for the cup!" and "Down with the Harpies!" Nothing that supported the Holyhead Harpies in any way was discernable out of the roar.

    Thousands of Harpy fans moved their mouths angrily, without result, to the jeering delight of Puddlemere United’s supporters.

    The faint hand in the sky let out a disembodied cackle.
    100 words.
    -cakcles like magical hand- It has a name, now, too... I'm calling him Lysosome. -is supposed to be studying for a bio test-

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    Amanda, did you mean "went quiet"?
    Nevermind on my previous brief! I finished coding the chip and my robot nods and moon-walks sufficiently.
    Id est - I'm back in business.
    Willow *surveys the pitch for rogue Bludgers*
    He hovered to the goalposts and shook one tentatively. The post screeched gently and gave.
    "Ah, very nimble..." the poltergeist noted approvingly and steadied the pole.
    "Now, if I remember correctly -" he tilted one ring to the upcoming Quaffle "Perfect!"
    The green blobs on the stadium flailed in silent disapproval as the commentator's voice boomed 1:0 in Puddlemere's favor.
    "Well, that's a freak goal if I ever saw one," muttered Wood from the bull pen "did you see that?"
    "I did, and we oughtta be thankful. Warm up!" the team boss commanded firmly.
    94 words

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    Willow, you need to double-enter after the end of every paragraph, even if it's dialogue. And you're also missing punctuation from Wood's dialogue. It should read something like "Well, that's a freak goal if I ever saw one," muttered Wood from the bull pen. "Did you see that?"

    Anyway. I had the biggest block writing this, and I'm not quite sure if it feels up to scratch.

    Furiously, Ginny took off with the Quaffle. She had no idea how Puddlemere’s goal had made it through the hoop, but there was no point in complaining about it now. The only thing she could do was try make up the points before Puddlemere became too lucky. She gained speed as she saw the goal posts coming up and was almost about to throw her arm back and try to score, when one of the goal posts seemed to move slightly towards her. It was too close now! She crashed right into it, her ears echoing with someone else’s laughter.
    100 words


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