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Thread: Snargaluff Pods

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    Snargaluff Pods

    Hey guys, so I'm a new auther and in honor of my name I decided that before any real stories I'll write a humor fic about Snbickerin' Snargaluffs. Unfortunately, I'm not sure what they are, Sprout mentions them when planning the defense of Hogwarts but doesn't eleborate. Furthermore, I couldn't find anything on Lexicon. Does anyone know what they are?


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    red haired mom
    In HBP Chapter Fourteen- Felix Felicis the trio is in Herbology and dealing with Snargaluffs.

    They are a stumplike 'plant' that fights back when they try to take a pod. A hole opens in the middle of the stump when enough of the branches are subdued, (I don't know if it's because of a certain one or because of so many). When Hermione puts her hand in, it closes on her arm.

    Harry and Ron pull and wrenched at the vines some more to free her, and she pulls out a green pulsating pod full of wriggling wormlike tubers. It is 'opened' by puncturing it with something sharp.

    Sprout mentions them as possible weapons because of the attacking vines. I would think though, most of the 'plants' she used would need to be directed with levitation charms because of the attack value.

    I hope that helps in any way.


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    Also, just to elaborate, it looks like a dead lump of wood.

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